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For those readers’ who don’t know, I am an avid Disney doll collector. All the new Disney doll releases I stay up until 3 am to purchase. (I’m an East Coast girl and they launch on their site at midnight pacific time!) Anyway, I started seriously collecting roughly a year ago. My first purchase was Anna and Elsa Olaf’s Adventure dolls. I saw them in the store and was in love. Now, I follow all the Disney blogs to read up on upcoming doll releases.
This year one of the most talked-about dolls is this Ariel 30th Anniversary Disney Park or Celebration Doll. Many collectors thought the doll looked cheap or wasn’t worth the hefty $129.99 price tag. I admit I was disappointed she did not have the false lashes, especially for how much she cost. However, I took the chance and ordered her.

Ariel Celebration Doll from Disney!

I am SO glad I got her. She is much larger in person and her dress is beautifully detailed. Her hair is also gorgeous and once I saw her I hardly noticed she did not have the false lashes. Honestly, I am not sure the lashes would’ve made a huge difference because of how pretty she is.
For all the hesitant doll collectors, I would say you need this 30th Celebration doll for your collection! She is unlike any of the other Disney dolls I have. However, there is one drawback. For the price, she did not come with a numbered certificate, and her box is not like the other limited edition dolls. But the doll’s unique detailing allowed me to overlook the drawbacks.

My favorite Disney Princess!

Overall, I recommend getting this doll. Ariel is my favorite princess next to Cinderella. I was not disappointed I sprung and got it! Write in and let me know your thoughts. Did you get her? Do you love her? If you didn’t, tell me why. Can’t wait to hear what you all think.
Also, for those who message, I am really sad I am not able to go to the D23 Expo. They have some amazing doll releases exclusive to the event. BUT, if any of my readers’ are going, write in and let me know!!! See more on my INSTA.
xoxo Carly-Rae

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