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Karen M. McManus books changed my reading world and today I’m excited to share how! First of all, yes, I own every book Karen M. McManus has published. I have even read them more than once. Even though I read a LOT, I read different authors. So for me, owning an entire collection of works from an author is a big deal.

Karen McManus
Must read Karen M. McManus books!

McManus books changed my reading world by introducing me to an all-new genre: YA thrillers, pulling me into a world I never knew I needed.

Honestly, I did not get a Karen McManus book when she first released One of Us is Lying. Heck, I didn’t even read One of Us Next until it had been for almost a year! I was doing my favorite shopping—book shopping and stumbled upon the cover of One of Us is Lying. If you are familiar with me, you know I shop based on covers FIRST. While this is not the most ideal way to shop for books and has led to some bad reads, I still cannot help myself. The synopsis of One of Us is Lying gripped me, and I purchased the book. Well, I read that book in half a day! OMG! I loved it so much I could NOT get enough of it. Then, I went onto reading One of Us is Next which brings back my favorite characters.

I absolutely loved the sequel, but One of Us is Lying still holds a top place for me. Hooked onto Karen M. McManus novels, I went on to get Two Can Keep a Secret. While this one wasn’t my all-time favorite, it is still a great read. Finally, I was beyond lucky enough to not only get an ARC copy of her latest novel, The Cousins. I also got to have Karen M. McManus on my YouTube talk show Book Hour! YES! She was amazing to chat with, and we even did an IG LIVE event for The Cousins!

Needless to say, I am a HUGE McManus fan!

Her writing is brilliant, and the fact she writes YA mystery while pulling in YA plots is one of my favorite things about this author.

Are you a Karen M. Manus fan?

I will say, though, my FAVORITE mystery that left me STUMPED with The Cousins. I DID NOT see that ending coming, and it left me rereading parts of the book to find out how I missed it!

Karen M. McManus’s books changed my reading world by introducing me to the YA thriller genre, which I believe she built. She changed how I view mysteries and the books I shop for now. First, in the bookstore, I see if any new YA mystery books are out, but honestly, I have yet to find any that top the Queen of YA Thrillers! Her writing style also changed my expectations for the YA genre. With her novels, you get to dive into a sometimes stereotypical world but have brilliant twists that transport you into her novels headfirst.

The mix of mystery, vibrant characters, and use of scenery is truly unique. If you have not read a Karen McManus book yet, stop everything and get your copy! There is a reason her books have been on the NYT bestsellers list for over a year and going on two! If you have read her novels, how have they changed YOUR reading world?

Be sure to drop a comment and let me know if you have read any of these books. If so, which one is your favorite (if you can pick one).

I would also love to hear if you have a favorite YA thriller author!

You can get your copy of these books on Amazon!

One of Us is Lying, One of Us is Next, Two Can Keep a Secret, The Cousins, and pre-order You’ll Be the Death of Me on Amazon!

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