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As many of you know Instagram is thinking of removing seeing the number of ‘likes’ on photos. They already are testing the feature out in 7 countries. You all wrote in asking me my thoughts, since I have a large following, and I have to say I agree with INSTA. I do not agree with the ‘likes,’ determining the popularity of one photo. It has gotten to where people judge a profile on their likes instead of the actual person and their content. If a photo doesn’t get a lot of likes peers, friends, colleagues, and fans think there is something wrong with it. In reality, it may be one of the best photos ever taken. BUT if it doesn’t have LIKES than either you won’t like it or you think it is bad.

It wasn’t until I started reading about Instagram’s reasoning for taking away the number of likes gained, I realized they should. (Please note, the actual account owner will be able to see the ‘like’ number.) Instant popularity makes us judge people and give us a complex problem if we do not fit into a certain mold. I have to say I was one of those people. Every time I saw a ‘like’ I was ecstatic. If I didn’t get enough likes in a few minutes then I would freak out and delete my photo. Yes, I was that person becuase I thought I had to fit in online. And whether you admit it or not, you know you’ve done it at least once.

In all honesty, it took the fun out of social media and I started to stress out ALOT. The pressure of gaining likes on a photo I loved, suddenly depended on whether people ‘liked’ it. Now, that I think about Instagram’s reasoning, I agree that they should get rid of the number of likes. It does harm people’s esteem and can determine their mood. I know because it did me.

Not anymore though. I have decided to encourage all my followers NOT to like my photo. Yes, I said the dreaded words. Rather, I want my followers to go post a positive message on someone else’s photo. Give them the love and confidence that may change their day. Don’t give ‘likes’ give ‘love’ by stopping people from judging a photo-based on one little thing.
I believe in spreading the change and positive vibes. It is why I want you to write a comment on someone you know or don’t and start breaking the stereotypes on INSTA!

Instagram needs to be fun AND encouraging. Start doing that now. Remember, rather than ‘like’ one of my photos go to someone’s profile and write an encouraging message.
xoxo- Carly-Rae

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