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Instant Karma
Instant Karma…the name says it all!

The first thing that caught my eye about this book was the colors on the cover. Then the title pulled me in! How cute is the title Instant Karma? It is perhaps one of my favorites EVER! I will say this was my first Marissa Meyer novel. I loved the brief description of the story and wanted another YA romance to read, so I got this book.

It took me a few days to read, and overall I DID enjoy the storyline. Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer centers around Prudence Daniels. She is an overachiever at everything she does, which is the complete opposite of Quint Erickson. They are lab partners, much to Prudence’s dismay, and have to complete their final project together. However, when he shows up late, and their grade is unacceptable to Pru, she sets out to redo their assignment.

The problem? It is summer, and the last thing Quint wants to do is spend another day with his annoying lab partner. Pru, though, will not give up. She decides to help at his work at the rescue center for sea animals in the area, and in turn, he’ll help her redo their project. Will, it be a repeat of their turbulent year as lab partners, or will Pru see Quint in an all-new light?

Pru’s summer gets even more interesting after she hits her head and suddenly can project karma onto people doing wrong (hence the title of this book). However, Pru learns that her ability really can hurt people. Is her newfound ability a gift? It is too bad her ability cannot help her uncover the whodunit mystery when money goes missing from the center. Can she solve the mystery on her own when things take a turn for the worst and Pru gets blamed?

Overall, I have to say I did enjoy this YA romance read.

Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer is a YA Romance book. Have you read it yet?

The storyline of the rescue center was my favorite part. I LOVED reading about the animals and the center. It was so vibrant I thought I was there volunteering. Pru and Quint were a good couple and easy to get into their heads when reading this novel. The characters, the plot, the overall vibe of this book was great. Bravo to Marissa Meyer because this definitely will not be my final Meyer book.

HOWEVER, I will say in my opinion this book was a little too long. There were also grammar mistakes, which is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially with traditionally published books. I thought some of the chapters would have been so much better if they were shorter. It felt like extra sections, and extra words were added in just to hit a word count. If it got condensed, I think it would have made this a fast-paced 5 out of 5-star read.

What are your thoughts on my Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer Review? Have you read this YA romance book yet? Comment and let me know!

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Insant Karma FAQ’s

YES! Hopeful is the sequel to Heartless and is currently being written.

There is a sequel so I am hoping Heartless turns into a series we can soon expect more from!

YES! She has four books in the works and scheduled to be published between now and 2023. Get ready Marissa Meyer fans we can expect a lot!

Te stands for Third Era. In the Lunar Chronicles, it means the start of the time after the Fourth World War.

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