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Yes, that is right, and I am right there with the trend, you know why? Because hot pink makes me feel confident. Hot pink makes me feel as if I can step into any atmosphere and conquer whatever gets thrown at me. Hot pink makes me feel…me.

Hot Pink Dress trend
YAY or NAY to the hot pink trend?

I believe we all have a color that when we put it on and look in the mirror—no matter how our day has been—we pause.

We think, ‘wow.’

It is how that color makes YOU feel on the inside. No matter what anyone says—no matter what anyone comments. They cannot take down how the color makes us feel because it makes us feel that good.

I put this dress on my social media and asked everyone to vote on my dress. It is my February TBR outfit! I got some messages telling me they didn’t like the dress and how it did not look good on me, even some asking me why I picked it. A few years ago, those messages may have made me think twice about myself. I would have tried the dress back on or gone through the photos on my phone. I even may have wanted to delete the pictures or changed them. Now? Now, I say, it isn’t about what others think it. No, it is about what I think and feel, and hot pink makes me feel me.

Don’t get me wrong.

I got other comments that said I ‘slayed’ the look. Those made me smile because come on, those comments are what makes us smile—at least they do for me. I wanted to feature this look on my fashion section because I wanted to say how this hot pink tulle dress me feel me and share where I got it.

All that Glitter is Hot Pink! Comment if you wear hot pink!

No, this is not the dress we all saw Kendal Jenner rock (and like or love her, she did rock that hot pink tulle dress). This dress I got from Shein. Yes, it is my new favorite guilty obsession store to shop. I got it for $36.55. Now, I was not fooled by this dress online. I thought it would fit small, so I got a size medium. I am SO glad I did! For one, this dress did itch where the tulle touched on my midsection after I zipped up the zipper. I was BEYOND glad I did not get a small. Not only would it have been too small. I most likely would have had to become Marry Poppins and pull out something to hide that. BUT it would have been WAY too itchy for me to even smile.

It is safe to say I am glad I got a medium.

I paired it with my Jack Rogers sandals in hot pink because, well, if I was going pink, I was going big. My necklace is from Kendra Scott and one I wear all the time because it goes with everything. I curled my hair, and my look was complete.

I do have to say this hot pink is one I want to stay in because I love it. What do you think? Are you a fan of the hot pink trend?

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