February TBR Revealed: What I’m reading in February!

February TBR Revealed: What I’m reading in February!

Feb. TBR Picks
My February TBR is REVEALED!

I am so excited to reveal my February TBR picks for 2021. I have to admit I saved my book shopping to pick out my book picks for February until the last minute. The time got away from me. But seriously, is it me, or did this month FLY by?! I feel like it was just the New Year!

Now, when I book shop, I admit I am definitely more visual. I always look at the covers of the books FIRST, then the titles, then the short synopsis, and finally the author. To be on my TBR list, each of the points has to check the box before I contemplate putting a book on my list.

Feb. TBR Picks
I have YA, YA Fantasy, Thrillers, and Romance!

I always get asked if I read the books beforehand. No. Not usually. I mean, there are certain exceptions if a publisher sends me an ARC copy and I fall in love. BUT for the most part, I am going into reading these books blind. Now, there are times I end up not liking a book I picked for my list. Either the characters or the plot falls flat, but for this month, you will have to wait to hear my thoughts.

My February TBR, I have to admit I am really excited about my picks. Each book caught my eye instantly, and I am definitely struggling with which book to read first. I have YA, YA fantasy, thriller, and romance. It is going to be an awesome month.

Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas, Dangerous Secrets by Mari Mancusi, Fat Chance, Charlie Vega by Crystal Maldonado, A Taste for Love by Jennifer Yen, All the Tides of Fate by Adalyn Grace, Neighbors by Danielle Steel, Deadly Cross by James Patterson, and Lore by Alexandra Bracken.

The BIG question is, which book should I read first.

I keep reading all the back covers, and right when I think I got one that I want to read, I grab another. AH—I cannot decide which to read first. Please comment and let me know which one I need to start reading first. I am so excited for this month. Not only is it Valentine’s Day, but I got a whole lot of excellent books (hopefully) to read!

TBR Pile FAQ’s

What is TBR Pile?

A TBR pile is your to be read pile. TBR pile are a collection of books you have not read that you plan on reading in the coming weeks.

What does TBR mean in books?

TBR means to be read. They are a stack of books you plan on reading. Now, whether you actually do read them is up to you, but it is your goal to read them.

How do I organize my TBR list?

There are many ways to organize your TBR list. First, you can organize it by which book you want to read the most. Then, go down the list. You can organize it by the size of the book or color. For me, always, organize my list by which I want to read most.

How do you organize your books?

There are many ways to organize your books. You can sort them by color, genre, size, author, and most recent reads. Many readers love decorating their bookshelves by color. However, if you have many books by an author, you can do an entire shelf dedicated to them. Just be yourself and decorate your shelves how you want.

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