Dear Carly-Rae: Harvard Edition

Dear Carly-Rae: Harvard Edition

Hey Bookish Besties! I’ve been getting so many messages about my journey at Harvard that I decided to dedicate one of my Dear Carly-Rae chats about it! I picked five of the most popular questions you sent me on social media, and I’m answering them today!

Harvard Journey

Dear Carly-Rae, what’s your major? -Shana

I’m majoring in English for my bachelor’s degree and will be pursuing Creative Writing for my master’s degree.

Dear Carly-Rae, what made you decide to go back to school? -Hannah G.

I decided to go back to school because I finally found what I love, which is reading and writing. When I first graduated high school, I went to college immediately, but I wasn’t enjoying majoring in business. It wasn’t for me, and I dreaded going to class. I took a few years off to figure out what the heck I wanted to do with my life. Honestly, it is thanks to bookstagram that I found my calling, which is books. I always loved reading but never really connected with anyone who loved to read as much as I did. When I started blogging about books and posting photos with them, my Instagram grew beyond my belief. I formed a book community online where I strive to be a book leader and spread the joy of books. It’s what made me decide to go to school and learn more about English.

Dear Carly-Rae, how do you have time to go to Harvard? -Jacob R.

Honestly, I stay extremely organized. I block out the hours in my day where I work on only Instagram and messages from 9 am to 10 am. Then, I move on to working on my website, emails, and writing. From there, I have a three-hour course, and afterward, I dedicate it to reading, writing, and homework. I stay up late to work through all the messages and comments. I never want anyone who messages me to feel left out. Many people say, ‘oh my gosh, that’s too much work.’ But honestly, I love it, so I don’t find anything ‘work.’ But above all, I make sure my school comes first, so if I know I have to read a book or a project is due, I plan ahead.

Dear Carly-Rae Submit Q's
Dear Carly-Rae Submit Q’s

Dear Carly-Rae, what do you like most about Harvard so far? – Geneve S.

I really enjoy the professors at Harvard. I feel honored to get to learn from so many different ones from all over the world. Each one is unique and great in their own way, and I love learning from them. I couldn’t ask for a better way to pursue my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Dear Carly-Rae, what class are you taking now?

Right now, I’m taking a course on superheroes and marvel comics. Yes, you read that right and I am beyond excited for this summer semester. I admit I haven’t read to many comic books. But I do love a good superhero. When I read about this course and getting the chance to learn about what makes a superhero a superhero and that I’d be able to create one I signed up! I will definitely keep you posted how summer semester goes to!

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Dear Carly-Rae, what is it like going back to school as an adult? -Catherine

Honestly, I really like it and am so grateful I’m going back to school now that I’m not eighteen years old. The truth is I didn’t know who I was at eighteen or what I wanted. Now that I waited, I feel like it was the best thing for me. I’m getting a degree I will use and enjoy. I also think now that I am more mature, I can handle Harvard and the required workload. So, for me personally, I really enjoyed going back to school now that I’m older.

If you have more questions about my Harvard journey comment below! I’d love to answer any other questions you all have! Or you can submit your questions for me HERE!

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