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Dear Carly-Rae,
How do you pull yourself out of a book slump? -Karen C.

One word. Bookstore. Whenever I find myself not wanting to pick up a book…well, first, I take a few days off from reading entirely. Then I go to my local bookstore and browse the titles. I don’t always go for books that are new out. I may find a book that’s been out for a few years that grabs my attention or start reading a new genre entirely—anything that catches my attention. If I do that, I always find myself excited to read again, and I’m back on track with my reading goals!

Dear Carly-Rae,
Do you judge a book by its cover? -Tyler S.

I know I should probably say no…but yes! When I book shop, I tend to look at the book covers to see what grabs my attention. If it does, I check out the synopsis on the back. If that gets my attention, then hello, new book! I love books that are vibrant and really tie into the plot.

Dear Carly-Rae,
Do you book shop online or in a bookstore?- Renny F.

I tend to bookshop in a bookstore because I prefer the atmosphere of a bookstore. I love being engulfed in a place with so many books, but it can be dangerous because I never leave empty-handed. Occasionally, I do shop online, and I just signed up for Illumicrate, which I’m excited about, but other than that, you can catch me at my local bookstore.

Dear Carly-Rae,
When it’s release day for a book, do you head straight for the bookstore?- Brianna B.

Honestly? No. I usually get a ton of ARCS from publishers and authors. AND if I’m super excited about a book that I haven’t gotten an early copy of, I will pre-order it online. The reason is that I freak out and think the book will be sold out at the bookstore before I can get there! So I always tend to pre-order! I just did that with Book Lovers and ensured I got a copy and confirmation after ordering! 😊

Dear Carly-Rae,
What section of the bookstore do you go to first?- Hannah D.

I tend to always look at the new release section first. Then it’s always the YA section. I love going through all the new releases before going back and picking a few to add to my TBR! 😉

Dear Carly-Rae,
Do you get a coffee to drink while you browse the bookstore?- Jazmine L.

Umm…YES! One of the best parts about book shopping is getting a coffee and browsing the endless rows of books. It’s a requirement, right? For me, that’s again a yes! The drink of choice for me right now is a vanilla late OR a frozen hot chocolate! Just writing that makes me want both.

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