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This post is about the 20 Best College Dorm Room Essentials That Will Transform Your Room.

Best College Dorm Room Essentials

I always get asked what is the best college dorm room essential that will transform your room. There is so much more out there now, and it can get overwhelming looking through a ton of lists.

It’s why I decided to put together a list of the 15 best college room essentials so you don’t need to scour the internet to try to find things you’ll love for your dorm room.

This post is all about the 20 Best College Dorm Room Essentials That Will Transform Your Room.

1. Frigidaire Mini Fridge

My favorite part of this mini fridge is the chalkboard front. I always forget things and having a place to write what I need to do always helps! Plus, I always go into my fridge so the notes are always visible.

2. Eudele Mesh Shower Bag

Shower bags are a must for your dorm room. It keeps everything organized and easy to take to the bathroom. I really like how you can fit a towel in the bag too.

3. Power Strip Surge Protector

You can’t have enough plugs in a dorm! I love how this one has the power stripe and just the USB section. It makes charging things day or night to easy and takes the stress away!

4. Bedshelfie

Let’s face it, space in dorms is limited, and you can’t have enough of it. This bedshelfie is so convenient. When I’m reading on my kindle and don’t want to leave it on my bed, I love having this shelfie handy to set it on along with a cup of tea. It’s the perfect addition to a dorm!

5. Moving Bags

Moving bags are essential when you are moving in or out of a dorm. You don’t think you need giant bags, but let me tell you, you do! I found it surprising how much stuff accumulates in a dorm when you go to leave or move in and having a bag handy makes it so much easier to pack.

6. Vornado Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator Fan

Admittedly, there isn’t always air conditioning in a dorm nor is there a ton of space. Having a small fan nearby is so handy to make the room comfortable!

7. All-IN-ONE Over the Door Organizer

Whether you use this organizer for your closet space or over the back of your door, it not only provides you with extra space it helps you stay organize!

8. Lap Laptop Desk

A laptop desk makes working in your dorm so much more comfortable. If you feel like chilling on your bed or sitting in a chair, this laptop desk is essential! Plus, look at the cell phone holder!

9. Andecor Soft Fluffy Bedroom Rug

I love a dorm room rug that is a great size and soft. This plush grey rug goes great with different colored bedspreads and is super soft!

10. Photo Clip String Lights

Fairy lights on the walls add a great touch to a dorm room. It dresses up any wall and you can add your favorite memories to it!

11. Xomiboe Shower Shoes

Shower shoes are one of the ‘top’ musts I always suggest. In shared bathrooms wearing shower shoes is something I always wear. These on Amazon are affordable and don’t get uncomfortable when they get wet.

12. Defrko Silicone Toothbrush Holders

These toothbrush holders, when sharing a bathroom in a dorm, come in handy! You can also put your razor in one. The color coordination, too in organizing which toothbrush belongs to who.

13. Bedsure Twin XL Mattress Pad

Having a mattress cover is something I always recommend. It will not only transform your room, but it will also transform your sleep!

14. InnoGear Essential Oil Diffuser

This essential oil diffuser comes in handy in a dorm. It changes colors and has two misting modes. I love the one I got and use it no matter where I am!

15. Care Science First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit handy is something I always recommend. You never know when you or a dormmate might need a bandaid!

16. Lysol Disinfectant

With so many colds going around, having Lysol on hand to clean and disinfect surfaces is always something essential to keep in your dorm!

17. WulaWindy Digital Alarm Clock

What I love about this alarm clock is not only is it a great size and you can see it no matter where you put it.

18. Koopala LED Wall Sconces, Wall Mounted Lamps

Sometimes having a lamp is not an option because there is limited space. These are a savor and save on spacing.

19. Bissell Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

When you think of your dorm room, vacuuming it can be the last thing you think of. But having one in your dorm that doesn’t take up space is essential!

20. Caroeas 90L X-Large Laundry Basket

Having a laundry basket handy will make dorm life so much easier. The handle on this one I really like and it makes going to the laundry room so much easier than having to haul my clothes in a million different bags.

FAQ for Best College Dorm Room Essentials

What should you not forget in a dorm?

1.    Bedding: Make sure to bring a comforter and sheets, and a pillow. Always inquire about what size you need!
2.    Toiletries: Bring all the toiletries like a toothbrush, shampoo, soap, face wash, and anything else you always use.
3.    Clothing: Always bring clothes for every season, whether it be winter or summer, and don’t forget pajamas.
4.    School Supplies: Make sure you bring any supplies you think you may need, like pens, notebooks, binders, and sticky notes.
5.    Electronics: Don’t forget to bring your laptop, phone, chargers, and even a DVD player.
6.    Kitchen Items: If you have a kitchen, bring staple foods like bread, milk, and coffee, along with pots and pans.
7.    Medications: Bring any prescription medications or over-the-counter medications you may need.
8.    Important Documents: Bring your ID, insurance card, and any other important documents you may need.
9.    Cleaning Supplies: Definitely bring cleaning wipes, a broom, a vacuum, and anything else to sanitize your space and keep it clean.
10. Decorations: Bring some items that make your dorm feel like home, like pictures, posters, or a cozy rug.

What do you only need one of in a dorm room?

Bed: Usually it’s provided but definitely check because you will need to bring sheets, a mattress cover, comforter.
Desk and Chair: Usually these items are available. But you can always bring a cushion for the chair.
Dresser: A built-in dresser is usually provided as well.
Trash Can: One trash in your dorm should be sufficient.
Mini Fridge: Usually, there is only one that is allowed, but always check.
It’s always a good idea to check with your dorm rules or with your roommate(s) to make sure you’re not accidentally bringing duplicates of items that are already provided or shared.

What should a girl bring to a college dorm?

1. Mattress cover.
2. Toiletries.
3. Cleaning Supplies.
4. Medications.
5. Chargers.
6. Phone.

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