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This post is all about the 21+ Best Dorm Room Accessories.

College Dorm Room Accessories

Decorating your dorm can be super fun. There are so many options now that it can easily get overwhelming to figure out what to get. I decided to put together the 21+ Best Dorm Room Accessories to narrow down your search and help you decide on some of the ones I think are the best.

From lamps to rugs to pillows and more…let’s start looking at the best dorm room accessories for you!

1. Industrial Table Lamp with USB Port

This lamp is great for a dorm because of the USB port. It has two functions in one, which in a dorm is essential when you are limited on space. I love the design of this lamp, too, and the price!

2. Coca-Cola Coke Zero 4L Portable Cooler/Warmer

This portable cooler/warmer I think makes a great dorm accessory because I love the classic vintage style. It can transform a small space by giving it some character. Plus, it’s great if you want to keep a few refrigerator items in your dorm.

3. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

The moon phase wall hanging decor is great for a simple way of dressing up your dorm and giving it a trendy twist. I love how it doesn’t overpower other items you may have in your compact space.

4. Cute Solid Simple Pillowcase

I love a cute pillow to decorate any room. Having ones that are inspirational, especially in a small space always uplifts me! This one from Walmart is affordable, and I love the saying!

5. Pooqla LED Marquee Letter Alphabet

I adore these marquee letters in any room I see. I think it adds a touch of trendy to a room, but it also gives it a personalized feel. The lights add a vintage touch too that I love.

6. Musesh Blue Neon Tapestry Good Vibes Only Words

This ‘Good Vibes Only’ sign screams dorm room. It looks great on a wall and can instantly transform your dorm room. The cursive letters also are my favorite because I think it gives it a more personalized touch.

7. Ompaa Soft Fluffy Area Rug

Not only is this pink, but it really can transform a dorm. The fluffy soft style of this rug is great. You can offset the rug with other pink accessories or you can let this rug be the focal point of your dorm.

8. Led Curtain Lights 

Fairy lights always add so much to a room. These butterfly LED lights are on my list of great dorm room accessories because they are cute and USB powered. You can hang them above your bed or around a bookcase. They are super cute for your dorm space.

9. Xmarks Super Soft Fluffy Shaggy Rugs

This shaggy rug is on my best dorm room accessories list because I love this pattern! The way the chevron lays makes a small room appear larger. The color is neutral, too, so it can match a variety of colors, you already have in your dorm. Another plus? It’s super soft.

10. Lightaccents Dorm 3 Light Floor Lamp

This dorm light is great because it doesn’t take up a ton of space. It also has three light bulbs which provide a great amount of light to a space. Another plus? It’s super cute and neutral, so it can go with any other accessory you have.

11. ARTALL Butterfly Pattern Bed

This purple bedspread with the added butterfly pattern can dress up your dorm room. The bold butterflies will add a stylish touch to your dorm room, especially if you are limited on space. I love the different of purple hues in this comforter!

12. Boho Macrame Woven Wall Hanging

I decided to include this crochet piece in my best dorm room accessories because you can hang it on any wall in your dorm room, and it adds a stylish touch. I love the crescent moon design too.

13. Smile Face Neon Sign Led Neon Light

This neon smile face neon light is one of my favorite wall accessories. It can go above your desk, by your refrigerator…you can hang it anywhere in your dorm. I always recommend putting it where you’ll see it because it always puts a smile on my face!

14. Mkono Wood Hanging Shelves for Wall

These shelves are great dorm room accessories because they are minimal but provide extra space. You can put a picture on it, your keys, even decorate it with plants and give your dorm room a boho feel.

15. Brown Hexagon Floating Shelves 

I decided to include this wall decor because if you have a longer wall area in your dorm, I think this would be a great dorm accessory. You can put items inside the hexagons (as pictured), and it provides more storage in a trendy way.

16. Artificial Ivy Garland Fake Plants

The artificial ivy really transforms a space. If you are wanting a bohemian dorm room, feel, or one that is Pinterest inspired this accessory will transform your dorm. It’s one of my favorite accessories on my best dorm room accessories list!

17. EHKIT Bedside Shelf Accessories Organizer

This wall mount is great! It is easy to put up, and with it right by your dorm bed, you can easily slip your phone in here at night or a small notebook. It’s a small but handy dorm room accessory!

18. Lush Decor Ruffle Skirt Bedspread

This bed skirt is great for a dorm because if you have a limited budget or if you want something that instantly dresses up a space, this will do it. The soft pink style allows you to match it to other items in your dorm!

19. Huge Modern 2023 Monthly Chalkboard Wall Decal Calendar 

This chalkboard calendar is on my list of best dorm room accessories because it always keeps me organized. I get different colors of chalk and write out my schedule. It saves me time and helps me remember things! Plus, it’s super cute!

20. JUJU’S VIBES Preppy Posters Aesthetic Room Decor

These cute photos look great on a dorm wall. The bright colors add a great pop of color! Definitely recommend these to dress up your dorm room!

What are some dorm must haves?

1. Bedding
2. Desk Lamp
3. Mini Dridge
4. Wall Art
5. Storage Solutions
6. Power Strips

How can I spice up my dorm room?

1. Add colorful bedding.
2. Use removable wallpaper
3. Add plants or flowers to your dorm room.
4. Use Area rugs.
5. Hang Posters around your dorm.

How do I make my dorm feel luxurious?

1. Get fluffy bedding.
2. Add decorative pillows.
3. Add mood lighting.
4. Add decorative pieces like wall decor.
5. Use curtains.

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