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This post is all about the 20+ Best Dorm Room Organization Ideas.

Best Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Let’s face it. College dorm rooms are small. It’s hard to fit everything you have in the space. The key is to be super organized. For me, I’m not the most organized person. I am the first to admit it too. So it really helps where there are organizational items I can use that keep me in check.

Admittedly, there are so many dorm room organization ideas online that it gets overwhelming. But luckily, I found the 20 best dorm room organization ideas that make it so much easier.

Carly-Rae’s Top Dorm Room Organization Ideas

Best for a Kitchen Area: Smart Design Mini Fridge Organizer

“I love this for over a mini fridge. It holds so much while keeping it organized!”

Best Desk Organizer: Pen Organizer

“This pen holder is great because it has so much storage while letting me see what pens, scissors, and even makeup brushes I have.”

Most inventive: iHave Toothbrush Holders for Bathrooms

“A great invention! You can put so many items on it, and I love the toothpaste dispenser with it!”

Best for a closet hack: Topaty Shoe Slot Organizer

“This shoe slot is great. I love how it sits off the ground and I can put more than one pair of shoes on it.”

1. Mindspace Desk Organizer

Keeping your desk organized, I have found to be the most life-saving thing. When I’m doing homework and having all my supplies organized, it makes things much easier. It lets me see if I need more notecards and if I’m low on pencils. Definitely recommend this for your college dorm desk!

2. Topaty Shoe Slot Organizer

Shoes are essential, and it’s hard for me to ever part with having a variety of shoes. But I have found having shoes everywhere can make things become cluttered fast. I like how this show organizer comes off the ground, and I can stack more than one shoe on it!

3. Hanging Closet Organizer 

Closet organizers make a small dorm room closet seem so much bigger. Not only does it keep you organized, but it gives you more space. I love how this one has mini shelves where you can store items of your choice!

4. Laundry Hamper with lid

It may not seem like an item you need to stay organized, but keeping your laundry organized makes a huge difference. You can see when things start to fill up it’s laundry day, but it also helps you organize your clean clothes.

5. Closet Organizer and Storage

This hanger set is great for a compact closet! You can hang multiple items on one hanger and turn it so it takes up less room. If you are like me and have so many clothes but need more spacing, this is definitely a college dorm organization item I recommend!

6. Vision Board

Vision boards help me not only stay focused on things I have to do, but it also makes me stay organized! I tend to use color-coded notecards on my vision board that never fails to keep me organized! It can be put on any wall in your dorm or at home too!

7. Cable Clips

Ever had your cords get tangled, and it’s nearly impossible to untangle them? Or (if you’re like me) they get tangled on the desk as you’re trying to plug in 4 different devices. This helps you stay organized, which is essential when you’re in smaller spaces!

8. 6-Tier Mesh Desktop File Organizer

I decided to include this in my Best Dorm Room Organization Ideas because if you’re taking more than one class and your notebooks are similar, it can be easy to grab the wrong one when you’re leaving your dorm in a hurry. This is why I recommend getting one of these. You can put a little sticky note letting you know which notebook is for what course you’re taking.

9. Smart Design Mini Fridge Organizer

This mini fridge organizer is great in a small dorm space. You can keep your cups on top and any items you like to use on the side. It stops that clutter from happening in your dorm and keeps the space cleaner.

10. 4-Tier Plastic Rolling Utility Cart with Handle

The one thing I always recommend is this! I have one and use it all the time! It is right by my desk and it’s where I store my printing paper, notecards, and more. It eliminates the clutter on my desk.

11. Underbed Storage Containers

This is great for storage in a dorm room. It’s easy to slide under your bed, and the handles on all sides make it easy to pull in and out from under a bed.

12. Office Organization and Storage Desk Organizer 

This desk organizer is great. It doesn’t take up a ton of space, and you can fit a lot inside, so nothing clutters your desk area. You can use it to store papers, pens, or desk accessories!

13. Jewelry Box with Glass Window

This jewelry box is great for a dorm. There is so much storage, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s easy to move too! I tend to wear a lot of jewelry when I go out, so keeping it all in one place instead of placing it around my space allows me to not misplace any jewelry.

14. Desk Drawer Organizer

Desk drawer organization really makes a difference in any small space. You can use it to organize your makeup or any accessories in a drawer. When I have my drawers organized it really makes a difference in keeping my space clean!

15. iHave Toothbrush Holders for Bathrooms

In a shared bathroom or even if you have your own bathroom in a dorm, it helps to have an area to keep all your products. This toothbrush holder allows you to store things on top while keeping your toothbrushes in it as well. It saves so much space, and it keeps everything organized! It’s why I included it in my Best Dorm Room Organization Ideas!

16. Vacuum Storage Bags

When I first saw these, I thought they would not work for me. However, when you need to store clothing when the seasons change, using these bags is great. It compacts your clothes allowing you to store them in a small space.

17. Pen Organizer

There is no such thing as having too many organizers in your dorm, especially when it comes to your desk. I love this organizer because you can use it for pens, scissors, makeup brushes, and more! It doesn’t take up a ton of space, either!

18. Hat Rack

If you have a ton of hats, this hat rack will not only keep them organized but it will take up so much less space than tossing your hats around your dorm. Plus, they are super cute!

19. Hanger Stacker Organizer Stand

If you have extra hangers, this is a great way to store them. It’s no secret dorms have super small closets, so storing your extra hangers in it is nearly impossible. But with this hanger rack, you can slip your hangers on here and save space while staying organized!

20. Doxo Bathroom Storage Cabinet

This compact storage unit is great for a dorm bathroom because it doesn’t take up a ton of space. You can put your products in it below or store extra toilet paper on top.

How do I organize my dorm room?

You can organize your dorm room in many ways.
1. Declutter your space. Get rid of anything you won’t be using and save space.
2. Keep it tidy. Make sure you have your areas tidy. Don’t leave items all over your dorm room.
3. Use Vertical space. Use organizational ideas that are vertical so you don’t take up a ton of space in your dorm room.
4. Create Zones. Have a section for your desk, your bed, your closet, etc. Use the zoning areas to keep your space tidy and organized.

How do you divide a dorm room for privacy?

1. Curtains. You can use curtains to divide your room and produce privacy for you.
2. Bookshelves. You can use bookshelves to store and separate your space in a dorm.
3. Room Dividers. These are designed to provide privacy.
4. Folding Screens. You have the option to keep them open or closed when you want your privacy.

How do college freshmen stay organized?

1. Use a planner.
2. Set up a system for organizing and cleaning your dorm.
3. Set goals. Know what you want to achieve (even if it’s cleaning on a certain day) to stay organized.
4. Use apps to remind you to do things so you don’t forget.

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