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American Dreams: Portraits & Stories of a Country by Ian Brown Review is here and it is such an inspiring book.

American Dreams
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First of all, I’d like to thank Ten Speed Press, who, on behalf of author and photographer Ian Brown, enclosed to me an advanced copy of this book.

Many of you might be asking yourself what American Dreams is about? Well, it centers around 170 Americans from all different classes who were photographed by Ian. Beside each of their portraits is a handwritten statement about what the ‘American dream means to them.’ Each note is genuinely inspiring, and the photography is phenomenal. The way Ian captures the souls of each and every American in this collection is astounding.

Every portrait and every story moved me. Many of you kept messaging me ‘what’s your favorite portrait and story,’ but I can’t choose one. Every time I thought I had, I’d read another handwritten statement and change my mind. Therefore, I have to say all of the 170 Americans are inspiring.

The photographer and author is another inspiration. Ian Brown traveled to every state for over twelve years to compile this book. How amazing is that? The dedication and passion he has for this project are evident in each Americans’ story. I don’t even know how he only picked 170.

This book is so inspiring. I definitely recommend getting your copy today!

I don’t usually read books that have a lot of photography in them, but I have to say this book changed my mind. From focusing and studying the portraits to reading their stories, I couldn’t put it down. Everything was captured in the photos—the raw, unequivocal emotions can be seen in every page your turn.

In case you cannot tell, I definitely recommend getting a copy of this book next time you’re at the bookstore. You will not regret it. American Dreams is a book that will connect you to Americans and renew your hope.

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Title: American Dreams: Portraits & Stories of a Country
Author: Ian Brown
Pages: 367
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and Noble
I rate it: 5/5

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  1. I haven’t read the book, but it sounds inspiring. Everyone has a dream, and there is no better time in history to make it come true than now. Thanks for sharing.