Dear Diary…

Today we had a huge photoshoot at the beach and I have to say it was the hottest photoshoot I remember. I was so hot I wasn’t even hungry! It was at the beach and the breeze was good along the water but as soon as you walked away from the shoreline the instant summer heatwave struck! I ended up getting so sunburned on my arms and on the tip of my nose even I got sunburned!
It was a busy day filled with so much photoshoot chaos of changing in the car and the heat. Photoshoots aren’t always glamorous and today in the summer heat was no exception!
I’m so excited though for the launch of my Gkeys and for all the exciting new adventures that  you will definitely have to follow along and stay tuned to see more!
But definitely in the summer heat stay healthy by drinking liquids (LOTS) and wearing sunscreen if you miss one section you will definitely get burned!

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