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Everyone always asks me what is book blogging? Is book blogging hard? How do I get involved in book blogging?

What is book blogging? I walk you through what book blogging is!

The answer is simple. First—ask yourself—have you read a book? If the answer is yes, even if it was a year ago—check that box. Second—do you know the plot and characters? Yes, it’s a pretty basic (DUH) question, but you would be surprised. Many people ‘read’ a book then write a review that is NOTHING like the book. So make sure you have the plot and characters down. Now, if you know the story and characters, again check that box. Third—do you have a camera? The camera can be on your phone or an actual camera—anything to capture the book. Remember, you do not need to be a ‘photographer.’ Taking a candid photo of a book is the best way to show YOU. So, again, if you have a camera, check that box. Fourth—have original content. Yes, again, that is pretty basic, but there is SO much out there that is it SO important to be original. If you are ready to write a blog post in your own words, check that box.

Now, if you checked the boxes above, move right along because congrats! You are on your way to being a BOOK BLOGGER!

Steps to compile your book blog post

I recommend writing an overview in YOUR words of the book. It is YOUR choice to include spoilers or not. If you do, GIVE your readers a WARNING beforehand. That way, if they don’t want to know spoilers, they can skip the section. Next, I recommend giving your thoughts on the book itself. Now, PLEASE DO NOT just say you hated the book, or you loved the book. Tell readers WHY. That one word is crucial in book blogging. I believe in being honest and sharing your thoughts with readers. We all have different opinions, and the more we can discuss our ideas, the better. Don’t be another generate book account!

Still with me? Good, now move along and find out how to finish off your book blog.


It is SO important to take ORIGINAL photos. What does that mean? Well, for starters, I always scroll through bookstagram on Instagram. I am sure if you love books, you do too, and it’s awesome, right? Still, I admit, I have a horrible habit of spending so much time there because I love it all. However, when it comes to me personally, taking photos, ORIGINAL ones get the MOST engagement. Now, if you want to find out more on how to get your post to go VIRAL on bookstagram, check-out my video on my channel where I take you through the steps below.

How to create a VIRAL book post! I explain how on my channel!

Got all that? AWESOME! You are well on your way to having an amazing first book blog post!

One thing to remember and what I love MOST about the book community is how engaged everyone is no matter the platform. The book community is always there for each other ready to comment about a book you just posted about or talk about their thoughts on it. It’s a great community that I love being involved with on all my platforms.

Being a book blogger is SO easy because all you have to essentially do is LOVE books. It’s is so awesome following profiles where people talk about their latest reads, new book purchases, and more. If you want to see more on my book blogging, visit me on social media!

But now, you are ready to type your own words and start your book blogging journey. Share your book blog below, and I will definitely check-it-out!

Book Blogging FAQ’s

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  1. Hi Carly Rae, excellent post today. You make the process simple, but I’m certain that you put in a huge effort to make your blog so successful. It’s a full-time-plus career. As a marketing consultant and author with a blog, I get it. But isn’t it great when your career is something you love? Most people don’t get that. Like you, I’m passionate about what I do. Mike Sisti