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The Shadows by Alex North Review is here. Let me tell you if you like thrillers that will make your entire body shiver with fear this book is for you! I got this ARC copy from Celadon books and was so excited!

The Shadows
The Shadows by Alex North! I got an ARC copy and was so excited to dive into this story!

Paul Adams is just a boy when his playground at school turns into a crime scene. One of his friends gets murdered there, and Charlie Crabtree supposedly committed the gruesome crime. Paul knew Charlie too, but Charlie disappeared soon after the discovery. Then Paul leaves town for college and doesn’t return for decades. It isn’t until he’s now an established English teacher that he decides to come back to town to care for his sick mother.

Not too long after Paul returns to town, it seems there is a new killer committing murders of young boys. This is where Detective Amanda Beck comes onto the scene. She is determined to find out who is behind these gruesome new attacks. During this, we go back to the first crime to try and figure out who was behind the first killing that started it all. Will the killer, finally be caught, and the gruesome murders of young boys finally come to an end? Moreover, can Paul aide Amanda in finally figuring out what happened to his friends?

What makes everything worse is Paul’s mother swears there is someone or something in the house, and Paul soon discovers he’s being followed. It shakes the plot and Paul because no one can forget one piece of information. Charlie Crabtree was never found and held responsible for the murder he allegedly committed. Is he back? If so, why is he targeting Paul?

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This book was a page-turner with an ending that had me going OH MY GOSH! Seriously, you will not see the end coming. I sure did not. I will say Alex North delivered another fantastic novel that I couldn’t put down. It left me shivering with fear at times so much that I had to keep reading to get to the end. The Shadows is a novel that not only will have you re-questioning every thriller novel before it but will leave you asking yourself how North wrote an ending so brilliant!

I definitely recommend checking out this book. It is a thriller novel that truly delivers!

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Title: The Shadows
Author: Alex North
Pages: 323
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTarget, Books A Million
I rate it: 4/5

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