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So today was Monday and at first it started out feeling exactly like a Monday… I didn’t want to get out of bed… it was 4th of July weekend, who wanted to get up after a long weekend vacation?!

Starting My Week of with: People Style Magazine Ray-Bans GBeads Jack Rogers Vera Bradley Umbrella

I had to have my coffee and I just got the cutest cup from surpassingly Michaels’ right when I checked out last week. What better way to start Monday than with a cup of coffee in a mug that says, “Coffee Makes Me a Better person?”
So then I decided to use my iPad that I always have with me to reply to all of your guys, which thanks so much for all the write-ins, my Monday was brighter because of all you guys! 🙂
I caught up on my People Style fashion and decided I need to join the Taylor Swift matching top and skirt trend!! I’m on the hunt for a cute outfit!
And of course I had my newest Jack Roger edition sandals and my RayBans. I can’t forget about my summertime Vera Bradley umbrella incase one of those summer showers came in! And let’s not forget my favorite Gbead bracelets from Original Piece boutique!

How was your morning?! What are your summer essentials to start your week off?!

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