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Reading Lore
Reading Lore by Alexandra Bracken!

Review: Lore by Alexandra Bracken is here, and I am so excited to talk about Lore. I first saw this book on Instagram, and the cover grabbed my attention. Lore is the first book I have read by Alexandra Bracken. I could not wait to read her writing. BUT before I get ahead of myself and tell you my thoughts about my first Alexandra Bracken book, let’s talk Lore.

Lore centers around Lore Perseous. She is a strong-willed girl who escaped the brutal world of her bloodline. The Argon occurs every seven years. Nine Greek gods are forced to walk the earth as mortals with powers. The Gods are hunted by strong bloodlines seeking to kill them and gain their immortal power. It’s a deadly game in which Lore is now not apart of since a rival bloodline murdered her family.

A few days before the Argon is set to begin, Lore stays in New York City.

It is her home. However, the Argon is happening in New York, and this time the game is deadlier than ever. She comes face to face with Castor. A childhood friend and romantic interest. The twist? Castor is now a god and possesses divine power with looks that make her heart skip a beat.

When the hunt begins, the god Athena seeks Lore out for help after getting hurt. Lore agrees to help her in exchange for the death of the man (now a god) who murdered her family. However, going back to the world of the Argon is worse than Lore recalls. There is no mercy, and everyone is out to destroy one another. When her enemy, Wrath, decides to take over rival bloodlines to acquire power, it becomes clear. It is up to Lore to destroy him once and for all. Will two gods and Lore be enough to stop them? Find out when you read Lore.

One thing is clear. Nothing is as it seems.

Castor may be a god, but there is something different about him in comparison to the other gods. What is he hiding? Athena, whose fate is now bound to Lore’s, is also hiding something. She is determined to find the aegis before Wrath. But will Lore let anyone find this long-lost treasure that was last seen in Wrath’s possession? Does Lore know where it is? Whatever the cost, Lore must decide how much she is willing to sacrifice to save not only those around her. But her own life.

I will say the storyline of Lore is unlike any other book I have read.

I enjoyed the Greek mythology mixed into the YA fantasy. This book’s action is spot on, and the characters do an excellent job of carrying such a bold, strong subject.

Lore by Alexandra Bracken book review

HOWEVER, I have a few complaints. First, the romance. ARH! I LOVE romance in books, especially YA fantasy, but I do not think they are always required. With that said, Lore does have romance. Caster and Lore serve as our love interests as well as Miles and Van. It just isn’t enough. I want more heat and more history of the characters. Personally, I LOVED Miles and Van. BUT I never got fully into their relationships. I feel like if we had more history of these characters early on with more scenes of them together in flashbacks where we feel their attraction, it would have been perfect.

Second, how many times does Lore bite the inside of her cheek and taste blood? I want some different wording throughout the book. I feel like some areas can use a changeup.

Third, I feel like at the beginning. We get all our information instead of it being written through the chapters. Am I the only one who kept getting confused at the beginning like a lot? If I had not read the overview, I would have had no idea about the bloodlines or the gods or the Argon.

Overall, though, Lore was an original storyline that I am still thinking about. Still, with the title and the cover, I wanted more out of this book.

What are your thoughts? My star rating is:

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