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Are you ready for PS I Still Love You by Jenny Han Review? Well then ask yourself what happens when your pretend relationship is no longer something you can pretend at? That’s the question Lara Jean must deal with in the sequel To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Her relationship with Peter Kavinsky is officially throwing Lara Jean into uncharted territory. The pressures of being a girlfriend and dealing with Genevieve, Peter’s ex-girlfriend, are things Lara Jean didn’t consider until now. It gets even worse when a video circulates of her and Peter kissing.

Movie vs. Book. Which do you think depicts the characters better?

Not only is she unprepared for the sudden attention of dating Peter Kavinsky, but she really isn’t prepared when she gets an expected letter from John Ambrose McClaren. The boy from Model UN she had a massive crush on. A response to her first letter Kitty sent that he just got. Now, with John throw into the mix, Lara Jean gets feelings she didn’t know she could have for someone else besides Peter. Because with John, he’s the first boy who reciprocated her feelings when she had a crush on him. Will those past feelings that come unearthed change things between her and Peter?

Only time will tell, but things may break sooner rather than later when a game of Assassins is thrown into the mix. It doesn’t help Peter is keeping his own secrets regarding Genevieve. Secrets Lara Jean suspects have to do with him still loving her. Is that the case? If so, is Peter really who we thought he was? On top of all that drama, Lara Jean and Kitty are busy getting their dad involved with their neighbor Ms. Rothchild. Kitty has grown close to her now that she finally has a dog, Jamie-Fox Pickle. What will Margo think of their plan to get their dad dating again when she returns from Scotland?

Overall, my absolute favorite character is Kitty. I love her and her personality throughout the book. She is who captured this novel for me. I love Lara Jean and Peter, but I have to say I was a fan of Lara Jean and John Ambrose! I know! I know! But they were so cute together, and John was such a gentleman. I think that’s what Jenny Han was going for, though. She created such a Prince Charming character in John Ambrose to make Lara Jean see the characters of her books come to life. I, for one, did, and that’s why I love him as a character!

Are you a John Ambrose fan?

However, I wanted a little more from Lara Jean as a character and from Peter. I wanted to feel the same genuineness in their relationship that I got when I watched the movie and from what I read between Lara Jean and John Ambrose. To get a feel of what makes them tick in their relationship. I personally enjoyed the first movie and can’t wait for the second. I get a more heartfelt feeling of Lara Jean and Peter onscreen then I do in the book. I didn’t like how Peter never seemed genuinely sorry for what occurred with Genevieve…aka the hot tub…without spoiling anything who else was shocked about that??!! It will be interesting to see how Netflix created this novel into a movie.

What were your thoughts on the book? If you had to pick between the movie and the novel, which would you choose?

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Title: P.S. I Still Love You
Author: Jenny Han
Pages: 337
Where to Purchase: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target
I rate it: 4/5

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