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Living Lightly by Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander is out now.

Living Lightly
Have you gotten your copy yet?

This is a motivational book that you can pick up every day to bring calmness and joy into your life. The daily excerpts are ‘pick me ups’ that are just long enough to read no matter if you’re on the go or staying at home. Each one is tailored to make you stop and think, encouraging you to embrace the beauty surrounding you.

Living Lightly is a daily devotional that offers a year’s worth of opportunities to commune, in the deepest and most beautiful sense of that word, with your self and your life. Partners and therapists, Dale and Kim Curd, step through the universal doorways of life and offer us a nudge to slow down and experiences to help return us to our selves. Their personal reflections invoke gentle introspection and come from their own healing journeys and from being active therapists.

Living Lightly invites you to explore how your mind works, understand, and express your feelings while serving as a reminder that you are much, much stronger than you realize.

Meet Dale and Kim

Author Dale Curd is a counselor and executive coach, the host of CBC TV’s Hello Goodbye and a co-host of Life Story Project on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Kim spent twenty years in the tech startup world, then became a therapist. Together, Dale and Kim are passionate advocates for self-awareness, working with men and women through their private practices, as well as founding two mental wellness directories, and They created as an online community to acknowledge and connect with readers and inspire people to share in their passion for beauty. In 2015 Dale and Kim left city life to live on a historic farm in Muskoka.

“The most beautiful part of being alive is having a deep connection to who we really are—truly knowing ourselves. When we know who we are, it’s nearly impossible to become over-attached or be in need of someone else to fix us, fill us up, or make us whole. When we are connected to our self, we also see how we are a part of all that is around us, and we finally overcome our ego, which has tried to convince us we are separate.”- Dale and Kim Curd

Living Lightly
Get uplifted every day!

Overall, I LOVE this daily motivational novel. I have been reading it every day since I got it with my morning coffee. This isn’t a book that overcomplicates anything or makes you not understand the excerpts. Instead, Kim and Dale made each one easy to understand for everyone. Today’s message, March 28th, is about kindness and asking yourself, ‘are we kind?’ and ‘are we worthy of kindness?’ Ask yourself that today and like the excerpt says have an open mind today. Listen to everyone around you and allow yourself to be seen through other’s eyes.

If you haven’t gotten your copy of Living Lightly, I highly recommend grabbing your copy. You won’t regret it because this book will give you an uplifting feeling each day. Have you gotten your copy yet? Write in and let me know!

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Title: Living Lightly
Author: Dale Curd and Kimberly Alexander
Pages: 418
Where to Purchase: Amazon,, Kobo, Google, Apple, and/ or Indigo.
I rate it: 5/5

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