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Fair Warning
Fair Warning is amazing. Have you read it??

Jack McEvoy is a veteran reporter who has reported and taken down killers in his articles before joining up with Fair Warning. He used to be a best-selling author, but now he is slowly declining from his glory days. However, when a woman he had a one night stand with turns up murdered, Jack realizes this is a story dealing with a murder unlike any other he’s encountered.

Jack decides to undertake this story pitching the idea to his boss, Myron, and eventually getting him onboard. It leads Jack to discover that there are other victims that were killed the same way as the woman Jack once knew. This killer breaks the women’s necks, decapitating them from the inside out. How he targets his victims is a whole other deadly discovery having to do with DNA and the dark web. Can Jack end this killer’s game before another woman falls prey to his games?

One thing is for sure; Jack can’t do this alone. He works closely with his colleague Emily on this along with Rachel, whom Jack classifies as ‘the one that got away.’ Will their romance spark again? Or will it come crumbling down again? Y

ou’ll have to read this novel to find out if Jack and his colleagues can put the pieces together before the killer strikes again. After all, the local authorities are way behind Jack’s discovery. One thing Jack will have to determine is how far he is willing to go to get his story?

Fair Warning is an amazing thriller read!

 I have to say I LOVED this novel. It was my first Michael Connelly novel, and I can’t say more good things about it. The mystery was there. The intrigue was there. The characters were there. It was overall an amazing read. So good in fact I read it in a day! I loved the storyline and learning about the DNA part of this novel and that the author did base it on real facts.

I found myself holding my breath at times, waiting for what will come next, unable to put it down. You know when that happens, it’s a great read. The romance between Jack and Rachel is something I hope we can see more of if there’s another novel. I want to see more of their personal story! I love the angle too that this book can turn. It was a brilliant read that I definitely recommend. I know for sure this won’t be my final Connelly novel!

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Title: Fair Warning
Author: Michael Connelly
Pages: 359
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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  1. Thank you for the summary. I will read this book. I’m writing my first novel. I will soon retire from owning and operating a private detective agency in Cary, North Carolina.