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Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner Review is here.

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner
I love this summer read! Have you read it?

This novel centers around Daphne Berg.  A plus-size Instagram influencer who gets paid to post on social media to promote products for herself and her dog, Bingo. Daphne tells herself she is just fine doing what she does every day. However, everything changes when her former best friend, Drue Cavanaugh, walks back into her life six years after their falling out. Now, as beautiful as ever and engaged to the handsome Stuart, Drue wants to make amends. Drue wants Daphne to be her maid of honor at her wedding that will not soon be forgotten.

Daphne doesn’t know what to say, but eventually, her mind wraps her back up into the Drue charm, and she agrees. Her roommate and current best friend Darshi, warns Daphne to be careful. They are both fully aware that Drue is all about Drue. Both have been the bud of her jokes and experienced firsthand what it’s like to be Drue’s sidekick. Daphne knows she is no longer that girl in high school. She loves where she lives, who she lives with, and setting an example on social media that size doesn’t matter to the world.

On the first night of the wedding, everything is perfect. The weather is fantastic, the sunset is unforgettable, the food is flown in, and above all, Daphne meets Nick. Their instant chemistry is fire, but when Drue calls, Daphne runs. But when Daphne wakes up, she is met with a horrifying scene she never expected. Now, everything has changed. It’s all about finding out who is responsible for such a tragic scene.

Big Summer by Jennifer Weiner is my ‘pick’ for a summer read!

There are twists and turns in this novel; I wasn’t unexpecting. It’s a novel about finding yourself, holding on to who you are, that also mashes up with a whodunnit mystery!

Overall, I think this book is amazing. It has steamy romance, best friend drama, the main character being okay with just being who she is, and then finally an unforgettable mystery. It was even better than what I was expecting. The characters in this novel were great. I loved Daphne. She is by far my favorite character and perhaps my favorite character in a summer novel! She is real, which was awesome. She struggles with her insecurities, along with giving us a look at the truth of what it’s like to be apart of the social media world.

We also get great description scenes, along with great dialogue. Above all, though, the mystery in this book was one I was not expecting, and author Jennifer Weiner saved it until the very END! It was outstanding, and I cannot say how great this novel was to read. I recommend reading Big Summer. There is a reason it is all over Instagram!

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Title: Big Summer
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Pages: 368
Where to Purchase: AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetBooks A Million
I rate it: 5/5

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