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A Spot of Trouble by Teri Wilson Book Review is here. I have been on the hunt for some good romcom reads. I was shopping at Books a Million, and they had an entire table dedicated to romcoms. As soon as my eye caught sight of this book cover, I grabbed it. I am a sucker for dalmatians, and when I saw this book had two, I could not help myself. I purchased it.

You may be asking yourself, what is this book about?

Well, A Spot of Trouble centers around Violet March and Sam Nash. Violet has lived in Turtle Beach, North Carolina, all her life. She currently lives with her dad and two brothers in a beach house with her dalmatian, Sprinkles. She rescued the dal, and the two have been the perfect pair ever since.

However, Violet’s world gets turned upside down when Sam Nash, the new fire marshal, moves to town. Sam also has a dalmatian called Cinder. No one can tell the two dogs apart, not even Violet. She accesses Sam of dognapping Sprinkles and even calls her brothers, who are police officers, to arrest Sam. But when Violet realizes she is in the wrong, the thought of another dalmatian in Turtle Beach sends her into a tizzy.

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What makes matters worse…Violet is attracted to the gorgeous Sam Nash. The Charles Angels: Mavis, Ethel, and Opal, who live at the senior center, are not helping either by continually finding ways to throw these two together. But she convinces herself the uptight fire marshal is not what she wants or needs. After all, she suffered a horrible breakup with a firefighter the year before, and it had everything to the softball tournament—Guns and Hoses—which is about to be in full swing.

The clashes get more frequent, leading them to fight even more. But do these two really hate each other? Or is there something more between?

Find out when you read this rom-com book.

I loved a Spot of Trouble!

Overall, I enjoyed the story of Violet and Sam. But what made the book for me was the dalmatians. Teri Wilson wrote Sprinkles and Cinder in a comical and accurate light. Together, the dalmatians reflect their owners. I enjoyed how the characters were opposites, and so were dogs. Any scene that had those two dogs in it was my favorite. I also loved the chemistry between Violet and Sam. I thought it was just right. Again, this is a book I recommend. It is a rom-com that doesn’t have too much steam but is very enjoyable to read.

I give it a 4.75-star rating!

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