Happy 4th of July

Hey bloggers!
Happy 4th of July! It’s sunny here, but today especially with the launch of my new GKeys, I’ll be busy working most this sunshine filled 4th! I can’t complain though, as some of you launching a new venture means endless hours, but that’s part of the fun of it, don’t you agree?
I was so excited by the outpouring of support on the site yesterday! So many of you wrote in about which GKey was your favorite, which meant so much to me!
And yes, I am working on new designs as we speak and yes I will be coming out with an ‘Under the Sea’ collection in honor of Ariel being made into a movie!
I will be taking a break later today from all the sorting all the orders and getting ready for another photoshoot for the GKeys, for an outdoor barbecue for the 4th! So it won’t be all work and no play today!
But I would also like to take a minute in this post to dedicated July 4th to everyone who has fought and is fighting for our Freedom. It is because of you that we are free today!

What are you up to 4th of July?!

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