LOVE or LEAVE My Summertime outfit

It’s officially less than a week until summer ‘officially’ starts but I couldn’t help but jumpstart my outfit. I just got this oversized floral print dress and decided to pair it with a white blazer so I could wear it to work.
I have to say my favorite part of this dress has to be the bold blue color contrast! It goes perfect with sandals (which I wear to work) or I pair it with wedges for a night out. I love this dress because of how it fits and how it’s the perfect length to pair with a ‘boyfriend’ style blazer.
I got my sandals from DSW and they are so comfortable I love them! I love how they make my dress have a trendy edge! I didn’t do to many accessories with this look. I let the dress do the statement making!
SO comment below! LOVE or LEAVE my outfit of the day?!?!

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