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It’s International Cat Day so of course, I had to share my two favorites with you: Jane Austen and Agatha Christie! I named them after my all-time favorite authors. Both have unique personalities that ironically match the authors. Jane is very proper like Austen’s Georgian era novels and Agatha is a sleuth and mysterious. Each suits their names.

Meet Jane Austen

Both Jane and Agatha are rescue kittens I got from the local shelter. I am adamant about supporting rescue animals because so many need good homes. Did you know that over 3.2 cats enter the shelters every year?! That is a staggering amount of cats that are abandoned and looking for a loving home. However, over 1.4 million cats never get one and get euthanized. It is sad and heartbreaking. It is why I encourage all my readers to save a cat, especially on International Cat Day. We need to help animals, not hurt them. It is what I am most passionate about. I strive to one day open a no-kill animal sanctuary to help animals who may not get adopted by giving them a utopia to reside in.

Meet Agatha Christie

If I could I would help adopt more animals. However, for now, I’ve decided to volunteer at the local shelter by taking in any newborns that need bottle feeding. If you can’t join me and do that you can always donate to your local no-kill animal shelter, bring in food (they always need supplies), and even support them by spreading the word on their local events. Anything helps.

The best part about adopting a cat is how low maintence they are for those who work. They are easy to train to use the cat box and you can choose to free feed them, which is what I do. Cats love to lounge by a window or on your bed, requiring you to never take them outside if you don’t want too. Personally, what I love about cats is their personality. Each one is unique and each one is fickle in their way, but for me it only makes me love them more! I confess if I saw an orange girl kitten who needed a home, I’d be the first to steal her away! 😉

Do you have a cat? Did you rescue them? If so, write in and tell me your story!
xoxo Carly-Rae

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