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OMG! This comfy flamingo loungewear set is all I can talk about it. Seriously, hello flamingos! I think the best part of this flamingo loungewear set is it is also a pajama set! Yes, you read that right. You can wear this set to bed or running errands.

I am always on the hunt for sets that can be worn to bed or running errands. It makes everything so much easier, especially nowadays. Being indoors a lot, it is all about being comfy and cute. It is hard to find an outfit with those two things, though. I search all the time online for cute sets to wear to bed and running errands. But I want them comfy AND cute. You think that would be easy criteria, but it isn’t easy. Between the pattern, the fit, the feel—nothing about finding a comfy AND cute loungewear set is simple. When I saw this flamingo loungewear print set on Amazon, I immediately paused.

I LOVE the pink colors with the flamingos!

Seriously, how cute is this outfit?! I immediately decided I was going to get it. HOWEVER, what size should I get? That was the first question that came through my mind. Again, there are mixed reviews on how the fit is on Amazon. I decided to get a size small. I thought the tank top shirt looked loose, and the stretchy bottoms would be okay in a small.

Flamingo Loungewear for Summer
YAY or NAY to this flamingo loungewear for summer?

Well, the top is definitely loose-fitting. In a size small, the side of the shirt is still a loose fit. In contrast, the shorts were a little snug. It does have an elastic waistband, so I did not find them uncomfortable. But again, the shorts do fit snug. I think it is okay, though. Honestly, I am not sure if both had been loose-fitting, it would have worked as a loungewear set.

I wore this look to the beach and paired it with a pair of Jack Roger sandals. They are the pink heart edition and pulled out the colors of the flamingos in the loungewear set.

Overall, I recommend getting this comfy flamingo loungewear set.

I think it is great to run errands in, be around the house in, or wear to bed. I wore it all three ways! 😊 What do you think of this look? Are you a flamingo fan?

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