Boho Chic Dress Style

Boho Chic Dress Style

Have you always wanted to find the perfect bohemian style dress? Me too, but I always hesitated to join the trend because I never could find the boho dress I was looking for. Those readers who don’t know what boho means are basically any outfit piece with florals and a fun accent. It can be ruffles, fringe, chiffon, anything. The bohemian trend is available in a variety of colors too. Cream colors to rust red, to dark green—bohemian is BOLD, COMFY, and TRENDY. My personal favorite is cream.

Boho Dress
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When I saw this boho-chic dress style outfit on Amazon, I immediately added it to the cart. The floral design caught my eye instantly! Since it is a flowy shift style, I ordered a size small. It fits perfectly! Therefore, I recommend getting your true size.

The dress is a relaxed fit, and the added floral design on top really makes this look stand out. I wore it in a YouTube video for my review of Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly and got SO many compliments on this look! The sleeves are my favorite part. They remind me of a relaxed ruffle sleeve, stopping at my elbow. In my opinion, it completes this boho look alongside the floral design on top.

The length of this boho dress is perfect too. I paired it with my Jack Roger sandals for a day at the beach, allowing the dress to hit right above my knee. Even though the beach was windy, I did not have to worry about the dress being too short.

Overall, I am so glad to FINALLY join the boho style trend. I wish I would have joined it sooner because this is probably one of my favorite dresses. Next time I wear it, I might add a long necklace or a denim jacket. What do you think? What accessories would you add? I would love to hear if you have joined the bohemian trend.

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Boho Chic Dress FAQ’s

What style is boho chic?

Boho chic style is anything that is bold, comfy, and with a fun print. You can be boho chic in your home or with your style.

Is Boho chic still in style?

Boho chic first started to come into style in the 1960s and it has stayed ever since. With it’s original prints and comfy fit, I believe boho chic will always remain in style one way or another.

What is a boho girl?

A boho girl is someone who wears the boho style. They tend to go for bold prints with florals or colors in a relax fit.

How do you decorate Boho?

You decorate boho by bringing in textures! It also means bringing in earthy tones. The key is having a neutral backdrop to really make things pop with that boho twist.

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