Ab Workout: Kayla Itsines Edition

So I’m came across Kayla Itsines fitness on my Facebook page. Someone had shared her ab workout and I was curious and watched the video. Lately I’ve been searching trying to find the most effective ab workout exercises… which just wait another month I will be launching a fitness video with my Top 5 Most Effect ab workout exercises!

But I watched her video and I hadn’t seen the exercises she was featuring. I was curious to see if I would be sore trying these exercises or how effective they actually are.
Well tonight I’m giving the video a try and doing 4 cycles of 15 on each exercise. So we will see how sore or how effective the exercises are! Right now I just got done with plank exercises I can’t wait to share with you all that really do work!
Have you heard of Kayla Itsines?! Have you tried these fitness videos?

Just a Monogram Girl

Just a Monogram Girl living in her world.
That’s right I admit I’m a huge fan of the monogrammed trend. I don’t monogram everything, but I do like a simple monogram accent occasionally when I’m going for the preppy trend.
I absolutely can’t get enough of this Jane Basch monogramed necklace! It’s my favorite and the only monogram necklace I wear. I love it in the gold because it always dresses up even the most casual of my outfits.
I usually wear it out when I go out with friends or for an occasion! I’m definitely wanting to add to my collection with another necklace or bracelet or recently I’ve seen people wearing monogrammed rings and I have to say I love that trend too!
So let me know your thoughts on monogram! Do you love monogram necklaces and the trend as much as I do?

Learn How to Ombre Your Nails!

It’s time for another nail tutorial that I LOVE! The past two weeks I admit I’ve been in a hurry so it’s been a quick two coat of nail polish and top coat and I’m done. But I’ve been searching for a relatively easy nail tutorial that isn’t too time consuming that I can do!

I’m a huge fan of her Youtube Channel, mainly because I used her videos to show me how to do acrylic nails and her tutorial was amazing and actually worked!
So I settled on this nail tutorial to try next. I love the colors she used too, it reminds me of a mermaid! I would definitely add lots of sparkles to finish the look though!

What do you think of the ombre nail art?! Have you tried it? How difficult is it?!