Time for Dress-Up

I had so much fun in my new dress! As Kate Spade says, ‘I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and truly never ends.’

Time for Dress-Up
Time for Dress-Up

This dress I just got online from Original Piece Boutique (Check-it-out!) for only $38! It was $61 (I got an amazing deal)! I love the tulle bottom skirt and the detailed black accent color hue! The straps come off to make the dress strapless or I can leave them on. Depends on what kind of occasion I want!
The dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day too! I thought about switching the black wedges with a red pair and adding some red accessories!
My black wedges I’m wearing with the dress today are from Target and I got them for only $28! They are so comfortable that I wear them almost everyday with my outfits. Doesn’t help either adding a few inches since I’m so short!
What do you guys think of my outfit today?! I think I have a new date night favorite look! 🙂

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