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Add a touch of magic, lemons, fabric, and pie and what do you get? The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie Book Dress! This book is also my September Book Club pick. I immediately loved the cover and then, after I read the story, I loved the book even more. Lolly is such a strong character and the way the magical realism is incorporated throughout the book is one of the best I’ve read. I reached out and told Jacqueline to give it a read because it was so cute. She did and loved it too. We decided to move forward and collab on a book dress.

Jacqueline said, “For the design, this was a dress that would look too busy if I tried to capture every detail on the cover.

Magic of Lemon Drop Sketch
Magic of Lemon Drop Sketch by Jacqueline Firkins.

The kitchen tools, the flowers, the lemons, the pie, the text, etc. What works on a book cover doesn’t always work on a dress. So, I focused on the beautiful color contrast of the bright yellow lemons against the purplish-blue background, using a crisp cotton for a strong silhouette. I played up the retro shape in the bustline and halter details, as the book has a light nostalgic feel.

While our heroine only gets three lemon drops, I went to town with the lemons, appliquéd in little groups until a band circled the entire skirt, giving the dress a cheerful, robust feel that reflects the scale of the ‘big feels’ within the story. The bows bring in the title, but the dress was a little too simple with only the bows and the lemons, and failed to reflect how much is happening with the cover illustrations, so I added the apron, well-suited for rolling out a pie crust . . . . . . A dress that might take its wearer back in time, but also help her move forward, whatever that means to her.”

For The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie Book Dress photoshoot, I wanted to bring out the magic of the book and the magic of the dress. The location I chose had a whimsical feel to highlight those elements. I also brought props: a lemon pie and lemons. I found all of my accessories on Amazon.

The lemon-colored shoes remind me of a pair of Converses. But these I found on Amazon for $17.99 and they fit true to size. The lemon bracelet is from Amazon, as well. It came with a headband (not pictured) and the set was $27. They are both accessories I can wear even when I’m not rocking this Lemon Drop Book Dress!

What do you think of the Magic of Lemon Drop Book Dress? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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