Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

‘Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. I LOVE Selfies and Valentine’s Too!’
For those who follow me on instagram and snapchat (ADD ME: HeyitsCarlyRae) you all know how many selfies I take in a day. I love selfies! Believe it or not though I don’t actually own a selfie stick! I know I need one but I need to find one that works!
Today I am getting to launch something HUGE online that I can’t wait to share with you in the next few days! It’s going to be an amazing surprise and I can’t wait to share it with you! You guys will definitely have to check-it-out!
But I’ll give you a hint since you can tell from the selfie it’s about Valentine’s day! And YES you’re right. It has to do with Valentine’s Day outfits! That’s the only hint I’m giving.

Who else is ready for Valentine’s Day?! I love it because Valentine’s I decided this year isn’t about finding a date it’s about finding yourself and loving who you are!

Time for Dress-Up

I had so much fun in my new dress! As Kate Spade says, ‘I think that playing dress-up begins at age five and truly never ends.’

Time for Dress-Up
Time for Dress-Up

This dress I just got online from Original Piece Boutique (Check-it-out!) for only $38! It was $61 (I got an amazing deal)! I love the tulle bottom skirt and the detailed black accent color hue! The straps come off to make the dress strapless or I can leave them on. Depends on what kind of occasion I want!
The dress is perfect for Valentine’s Day too! I thought about switching the black wedges with a red pair and adding some red accessories!
My black wedges I’m wearing with the dress today are from Target and I got them for only $28! They are so comfortable that I wear them almost everyday with my outfits. Doesn’t help either adding a few inches since I’m so short!
What do you guys think of my outfit today?! I think I have a new date night favorite look! ­čÖé

Barbie Tribal Nails

Even though it’s winter and (freezing) by the way… it was ONLY 35 degrees outside, I couldn’t help but want something bright on my nails! What better color┬áthan doing bright pink on a cold winter day outside!

Barbie Tribal Nails I did myself!!
Barbie Tribal Nails I did myself!!

I used an OPI pink polish I had… and YES I did my own acrylic nails. It only took me about 45 minutes to actually shape and do the acrylic so I am getting a lot faster! Once I applied the acrylic I did some errands and came back and did the designs.
I admit I’m obsessed with nails on Pinterest! It’s my ‘go-to’ place when I’m searching for what to do on my nails next. After I found this gorgeous tribal design I decided to make it pink and sparkly! The essie sparkle polish is the best I’ve found! I decided once I did some glitter on one why not do the Northern Lights sparkle top coat!
The tribal accent nail was super easy. It looks really difficult but actually it only takes me a few minutes!
So what do you guys think of my ‘BARBIE TRIBAL NAILS?!’

Secret Garden Day

So I saw this dress online from Original Piece Boutique and knew I had to have it. I don’t have anything like it and the lace arms was something I’ve wanted to try for a while now.

Can't help but SELFIE in this Outfit of the Day!
Can’t help but SELFIE in this Outfit of the Day!

I especially loved the cutout neckline it added a flirty feel to the skater skirt bottom! I paired the dress with my new Tiek flats! They are so comfortable and the cushion bottom on the flats made them my ‘all-day-shoe’! I had so many of you write in when I got them in their iconic blue box and ask me ‘if they are worth the money,’ and my answer is YES! They are so easy to travel with because they fold up and can fit in your purse! I got them in a solid neutral color because of all the colors I have in my wardrobe. They go with each and every outfit!

Enjoying a day in the secret garden!
Enjoying a day in the secret garden!

It’s My favorite Moment Dress from Original Piece Boutique was perfect for my day! My entire outfit was perfect for the crisp weather and was so comfortable that I can’t wait to wear it again!
The color gem color of the look was another favorite ‘must-have’ to add to my (perhaps) never-ending new wardrobe!
TELL ME what you think of this look?!

Who’s Up for A Run in the Sun?

So today it was finally a sunny today. I had to be outside even if the weather was a little chilly. It was perfect weather when the sun was out. I had to take advantage and go for a run outside.┬áThere isn’t anything like running to clear your mind and recharge for the day. We all have those moments some days where nothing will clear your thoughts like a run.

Let's have a run in the sun!
Let’s have a run in the sun!

I just got in my New Balance shoes so that was a plus to breaking them in. It also gave me a chance to wear my favorite workout pants with their side cutouts!

What do you do to get clear your mind? Are you up for a run in the sun with me?! ­čÖé

Let’s Write A Fairytale

I have to say I’m in LOVE with this maxi dress! It makes you feel like a princess! The open-back I admit made me hesitant at first to try on, but the straps are adjustable, which gave me the perfect fit!

Let the Fairytale Begin Maxi

I love the color of the dress too. It’s the perfect mix of fall, winter, spring, and summer. I can even add a denim jacket to the maxi if I’m going out on a cool night.
The bottoms of the dress has a thick lining, but I love it because it gives this dress that Cinderella feel every girl loves!

What do YOU think of my ‘Fairytale Maxi?!”