Watching You by Lisa Jewell: a thriller book to break your reading slump 

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Watching You by Lisa Jewell: a thriller book to break your reading slump 

Does anyone else ever get burned out when it comes to a specific genre? When it comes to summer reads, I am all about romance. I always end up picking one up after the other. Then after a while, I find myself craving a solid thriller. My go-to’s are usually Ruth Ware, Megan Miranda, Liz Constantine, and Paula Hawkins. Recently I have been drawn to Lisa Jewell and am finding my collection of Lisa Jewell books growing. My most recent Lisa Jewell book this week is Watching You. I loved this book so much that I had to share my thoughts! 

Watching You a thriller recommendation
Influencer Chandler M. with Watching You!

Before telling you my feelings about this book, let me give a synopsis without giving too much away!

This book goes back and forth between the past and the present while the characters get interviewed by the police for a murder investigation. Adding to the suspense of the book, Watching You also changes back and forth between different perspectives of people living in a neighborhood in England. The first character we meet is Josephine. She is a newlywed who has gone with her husband to live with her brother and his wife. The next character we meet is Freddie, who has a hobby of spying on the neighbors and taking notes on everyone’s comings and goings in the neighborhood. One person, in particular, he keeps tabs on is Jenna. A teenager who lives across the street with her paranoid mom. While the beginning of the book eludes to someone being murdered, you do not find out who it is until about two-thirds of the way in. At the end of the chapters, the police are questioning the characters to find out who is responsible. This left me dying to read the next chapter.

I loved that this book leaves so much unknown in the beginning.

Watching You by Lisa Jewell
Have you read Watching You yet?

It allows a reader’s imagination to wonder who got killed and who was the murderer. While reading thrillers, I always try to predict the ending. When I cannot, I know it was a good book. The suspense of not knowing who had died and who was the murderer was one of my favorite parts of this book. I also loved the shout-out to being yourself and being unique. I can honestly say several of the characters in this story definitely rocked to the beat of their own drum. Freddie has Aspergers and meets another teenager who also is diagnosed with Aspergers. He discovers that he loves having the title “Aspergers,” which also helps him feel like he has a title. Freddie was definitely my favorite character. 

If you want a solid read that leaves you guessing until the end, Watching You is the book for you. I read this book in less than two days, and the ending was wild. Who is a go-to author for you when it comes to thriller books?

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