Thrillers That Kept Me Up at Night

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Thrillers That Kept Me Up at Night

Since before the dawn of time, my genre of choice has ranged from mysteries & thrillers to suspenseful dramas that keep me flipping to the next page, with inevitable papercuts in my future, as I search for the killer’s motive to map out the hidden, dreadful secret of an abandoned home. I love a good thriller book. I’m a sucker for anything produced by Riley Sager, Alice Feeney, and Lisa Jewell – The Holy Trinity in my book.

Thrillers That Kept Me Up at Night

Home Before Dark by Riley Sager

Sager’s Home Before Dark will forever hold a soft spot in my heart for invoking every last haunted house reflex I’ve ever felt. When Maggie Holt inherits Baneberry Hall, which not only plagued her youth with scary stories but became the basis for her father’s paranormal fiction writing best-sellers into her young adult years, she wanted nothing to do with it; the goal was to clean it up and sell it. However, Maggie, who has always been a skeptic, starts to think twice after every bump in the night sounds a little too familiar to the imagination.

Suppose you’re looking for some media to consume after reading this book. In that case, I encourage you to venture over to Netflix to dive into The Haunting of Hill House. You’ll be in good company after the Book-Hangover commences.

**Sam’s Tip: Reading this one at night is ill-advised. I’m telling you, I couldn’t sleep even with my bedside lamp on throughout the night. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, this is sure to frighten you!

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

We love an unreliable narrator! Sarah Pinborough knew what she was doing when she wrote Behind Her Eyes, which details the domestic psychological thriller involving single-mom Louise, who gets a little too invested in her new boss’s relationship. Unfortunately, they are not as picture-perfect as they’d appear from the outside. As Louise begins to befriend Adele, she finds out that this duo has secrets you could never predict. Tied in with a supernatural twist that will keep you re-reading the passage for hours (like I did.) You won’t be able to put this baby down.

**Sam’s Tip: The Netflix adaptation wasn’t as good, in my opinion, but if you do decide to watch the series, be sure to do yourself a favor and READ THE BOOK FIRST… It’s only fitting.

thriller reads I recommend

Old Country by Matt Query and Harrison Query

This one is an ARC I received from Grand Central Publishing that should hit shelves July 26, 2022 – and let me say that you want to pre-order this one ASAP! What was once a 6-part Reddit Horror story is now getting its legs in the form of a book – and hopefully will see some action on the big screen later this year. Recently married, Harry and Sasha have left the Denver city-life behind for rolling pastures and National landmarks in the Teton Valley. Craving the isolation and a fresh start, they hardly expected the horror story they were about to live through after receiving a warning from their only neighbors to steer clear of the seasonal spirits or suffer the consequences.

Question: If your brand-new neighbors presented you with rules to follow to avoid being annihilated by an old demon spirit, would you take them seriously??? Harry and Sasha trot down this skeptical path the hard way. They discover the terrors that present themselves at the start of every seasonal shift.

**Sam’s Tip: Don’t go camping while reading this one – better yet, don’t read it outside or at night. I mean, wild animals are scary enough as it is, but factor in some spooky Voo-Doo spirits? As Randy Jackson once said, “It’s a no, from me, dawg.”

So, here’s the scoop. I’m dying to hear from you! What were some of the spookiest reads you’ve picked up this year that inhibited your sleep schedule?

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