Set on You by Amy Lea Review

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Set on You by Amy Lea Review

Amy Lea’s debut novel, Set on You, has been one of my favorite reads of the summer. It quickly earned five stars from me!

Crystal is a curvy, “mid-size” fitness influencer who becomes enemies with Scott at the gym when he steals her favorite machine (that she had already reserved!). The book follows the rocky start of their relationship as they navigate if and how they can trust each other.

Set on You by Amy Lea Review
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Crystal has reservations about Scott, given her past betrayals. They decide just to be friends first, so the novel’s pacing is nice and slow. Luckily, it doesn’t feel too slow, just enough so the reader can savor who Scott and Crystal are as individuals and how they start to fall for each other. In my opinion, this feels more meaningful than unrealistic “love at first sight” stories, where characters fall in love without really knowing the other person. Relationships are about sharing each others’ burdens, and Scott and Crys put that to the test. 

What I also liked was…

We get a few of our favorite tropes, like miscommunication, enemies to lovers, and forced distance. But my favorite aspect of Amy’s writing is that she doesn’t solely rely on tropes. Her writing is original and authentic like she put a big part of her lived experience into it.  

Set on You was the first time I had seen Instagram posts included in a novel. I thought was creative and fun. I wanted to go look up Crystal’s fitness account, her best friend Mel’s fashion account, and her sister Tara’s bookstagram!

Amy is my new auto-buy author. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, Exes and O’s! It stars Tara and releases in January 2023. (There is a fun sneak peek at the back of this book!) I’m hoping this series might be a trilogy – maybe we can expect Mel’s book after Exes and O’s! For now, I will settle for re-reading “Set on You!”

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