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Contributor Kelsey H

When I got back into reading, my first book was by Colleen Hoover. I started inhaling her books. If I walked into a store and there was one I didn’t have by her, it went home with me. With Hoover’s ability to make me forget the world around me, she instantly became my favorite author. Her books are emotional, compelling, and at times heartbreaking. I appreciate how hard she works to create relatable characters with deep, personal development. Now I have read 10 different books by Hoover, and Regretting You is one of my absolute favorites! It may not get as much hype as Verity or It Ends With Us, but I assure you it is worth reading.

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Morgan Grant became a mother at a young age and is now trying to prevent her 16-year-old daughter from following her path. Like many mother/daughter relationships, they spend most days disagreeing and struggling to exist alongside each other. Clara, the daughter, has no trouble getting along with her father, Chris. Chris has always held the family together. When he is involved in a devastating accident, the family is confronted with questions. This results in an even rockier relationship between Morgan and Clara. In the midst of Morgan’s grief, she finds surprising comfort from a friend while Clara develops a relationship with a boy she wasn’t previously allowed to communicate with. Will mother and daughter find a way to heal together, or will this loss destroy the Grant women?

Regretting You by Colleen Hoover

Genre: Fiction/Romance

This story follows the mother/daughter duo Morgan and Clara. They don’t get along but when a devastating accident happens, will it pull or pull them apart more?

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Colleen Hoover tackles family drama, first love, unplanned pregnancy, betrayal, and grief all in 354 pages. She tells a story with tough topics that resonates with a wide audience. I read the book and listened to the audiobook, which was narrated by two people. While the audio has mixed reviews, I felt it was well done and was thankful for both voices. They were easy to distinguish, which made for no confusion on whose internal thoughts I was listening to.

Regretting You starts out with a young Morgan, Chris, Jenny, and Jonah. We only get one chapter of them at this age, but it helps the reader to understand the dynamics of the relationship between these four characters. Young Morgan suspects she is pregnant, and the very next chapter confirms it with a jump to 17 years later and told from her daughter’s point of view. The story then goes back and forth between Morgan and Clara’s perspectives. I enjoyed the mother’s and daughter’s different outlooks and reading how their situations were processed at different ages and stages of life.

Contributor Kelsey H with Regretting you
Contributor Kelsey H. with Regretting You!

Hoover did not hold back with twists and tough situations for the women to overcome. I was not expecting the betrayals they faced and was distressed alongside the characters. There were moments where much of the drama could have been prevented if Morgan had confided in Clara with what she learned following the accident. In some ways, this feels like a miscommunication trope, but I didn’t find it annoying like I have in other books. I understand Morgan’s need to protect her daughter. Many of Clara’s internal thoughts drove me insane, but I could also relate to the thought process of a teenage girl.

Morgan finds comfort in Jonah, and Clara finds hers with Miller. I loved reading the double romance. What a gift to read a romance with young love and adult love. Jonah and Miller are equally sweet characters, and both are essentially off-limits. Morgan turning to Jonah is considered “taboo,”and Miller has been deemed not good enough by Clara’s parents. Each love story was endearing.

There are a few other additional characters, and Gramps ended up being one of my favorites. I was thrilled with how much Hoover included Gramps in the story and I wish every book had a Gramps. I enjoyed how his humor flew off the page and the relationship he cherished with Miller.

The ending of this book sealed the five star rating from me. After being such an emotional rollercoaster, the story ends with some much-needed comedy that had me literally laughing out loud. There is also an adorable reveal from Miller that I won’t ruin for you. I appreciate Colleen Hoover adding this to the story. It feels like closure and that everything is going to be okay with this family.

This read is a perfect mix of heartbreak and humor. Hoover has a great talent for weaving together an unforgettable story. If you are searching for an emotional, captivating, and unputdownable read, I suggest this one.

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