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Diamond (Twelve Horizons of Charlie Book 1) by Melody Anne
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Diamond (Twelve Horizons of Charlie Book 1) by Melody Anne is the first book in this all-new series. The book has over 561 ratings on Amazon, with a solid 4.5-star rating.

The story follows Charlie Diamond. Readers meet Charlie while she’s being arrested before following Charlie into the past to find out what makes Charlie ‘Charlie.’ We find out where Charlie grew up and about Bentley Lawrence. A man Charlie fell in love with. There is also Charlie’s best friend Stephy. However, as Charlie is talking about her past to the news, she has to be careful of one thing: do not betray the closest person to her.

But it’s up to the world to decide how Charlie possibly lived the kind of life she has had for so many years.

The biggest question the courts and news must decide is if Charlie actually did or didn’t commit a crime. Charlie is no longer that little girl in a small town. She’s thirty, and a lot has changed. But has she changed so much to commit the crime she’s being accused of? Find out when you read Diamond.

Diamond (Twelve Horizons of Charlie Book 1)

Genre: Fiction/ Contemporary Romance

This story follows Charlie. She is in the middle of getting arrested when the story reverts back to Charlie telling the world her story of her past.

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I got the chance to chat with the author and get exclusive details about Diamond (Twelve Horizons of Charlie Book 1) by Melody Anne. I’m so excited to have Melody Anne here to join us! I have so many questions!

Welcome, Melody Anne! Alright, so in your own words, tell us about Diamond. It has such a great hook!

Author Melody Anne-Headshot
Meet Author Melody Anne!

This is a one-of-a-kind series for me. I was talking to my husband about what it would be like to have a person go through multiple marriages, and as we drove, more and more ideas came to me. It was my first series written in the first person, which made the series so much more personal to write.

Now, it’s all I write because I love it so much. I cried, laughed, and lost all sense of time as I wrote the series. Charlie goes through many ups and downs in a story of love, loss, and rebuilding her life. I also used a lot of personal experiences here, fictionalizing them, but I think it’s a series many readers will connect with. The reviews have been everything I’d hoped and more with how the fans are connecting with Charlie and her many relationships.

Charlie gets arrested, allowing the reader to discover this character’s past. Did you always want that premise in this book?

Yes! I wanted it to begin at the end of her life and then have her tell her story while also bringing her back to the present. The problem with writing this way is when I change my mind a lot on what’s going to happen next, and showing the ending at the beginning locks me into something. This made me have to do some fancy footwork a few times in the series to make things fit with how I wanted to make changes. It really challenged me during my writing. I love being challenged!

What was your favorite part of crafting Diamond?

One hundred percent her growth. I loved how this character went from this young, naïve young woman to a fully grown adult with scars that shape her and turn her into who she’s always meant to be. It’s really a journey of how much we all change from the ages of 16 to 35. We all think we know who we are and then realize we don’t know ourselves at all. Creating this dynamic character the fans will love with her ever-changing life was difficult, but I think I pulled it off in the end. J

Who’s your favorite character?

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s so dang difficult for me to answer. Besides Charlie, I’d have to say Stephy is my favorite character. It’s her best friend, who I named after my best friend since 8th grade. There are a lot of similarities between my fictional Stephy and my own best friend, but a lot of differences as well. I loved this character’s confidence and pure love for her best friend.

Do you base your stories on things that happen in your life?

Always! I tell all of my friends and family that nothing they say is safe. I use real experiences, real conversations, and real personalities from people around me. That’s what makes these characters so personal to me. I’ve had many fans tell me they feel like the characters could be their boyfriend, best friend, uncle, dad, and so on. That’s because it’s fiction, but I also want some reality in my writing. When I read, and I read every single day, I want to connect with the characters in the book, so I HAVE to write the same way. If I don’t love the characters, good or bad, then I won’t do them justice on the pages.

Did you always want to be an author?

No, not at all. I grew up in low-income housing poor. No, television poor. My dad would take me to the library every week, though, and I absolutely loved to read!! I started writing poems and short stories when I was in middle school, which I still have a lot of. But authors were my heroes. I never imagined I’d get to be an author myself.

Then I had children young and worked and went to college, so I didn’t even think of writing until I was in my thirties. Then I did it because I needed to get the stories from my head onto paper. I still didn’t think I’d ever publish until I finally finished a whole book. That’s when I thought, maybe, just maybe, I have a chance. I consider it a lot of time and hard work and a heck of a lot of luck of when I published. I did it at the right time and got so lucky to find such a loyal fanbase, to which I’m forever grateful.

What is it you hope readers take away from Diamond?

I hope they see themselves in Charlie. We read because we want to be enveloped in a whole other world. We want to live through the characters and the experiences they have. I hope people get to live vicariously through Charlie. She has amazing adventures, and in the end, she finds herself. I think we all do this in life. It takes some people less time than others, but we’re all on a mission to find ultimate happiness, no longer how long it takes us to get there.

Before I let you go, share with readers where they can find you on social media.

I love to interact with fans. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram : under AuthorMelodyAnne, TikTok under AuthorMelodyAnne

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