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Finding the right phone case is hard. I have struggled to find a phone case that not only protects my phone, but has a trendy print on the back. Sometimes, I’ll get a phone case that is too bulky and doesn’t fit into any of my purses or pockets. Or I’ll get a case that looks cute online, but when it arrives it is a totally different color.

New casetify phone case
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Honestly, I started to get frustrated not only because the products were nothing like what was pictured online, but I spent so much money on products I didn’t like. I started searching on different sites for cute phone cases and stumbled upon Casetify.

When I came across Casetify personalized and premium cases, I immediately wanted every single case. From sparkle cases to printed cases to Disney printed cases—Casetify is a phone case dreamland. But I wasn’t sure if it was too good to be true. Afterall, all the cute phone cases I order arrive and don’t look like they’d protect my phone if it drops.

But I went against my hesitation and ordered one. I waited for it to arrive (which did take longer than I expected) and was so surprised. I fell in love with the brand. It’s why I applied to become an affiliate for the brand. I thought others needed to know there really was one website where you could find a phone that not just looked cute, but protected your phone.

My Girl Boss phone case from Casetify!

I decided to shop for a new phone and feature it in my Casetify phone case review. An excuse to buy a new phone case is all I need! 😊 I had a hard time picking just one phone case to get. But I decided to get Girl Boss. I thought the print was super cute. I love the character drawing of the girl with a cup of coffee and sunglasses. The black-and-white with the pop of pink was also super fun because I didn’t think it was overwhelming.

When it arrived, I opened it and immediately put it on my phone. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, hoping that a fun print case would be as good as the durable ones on the site. Still, I wondered if it would feel bulky or if the edges would annoy me while texting.

None of that was true.

As soon as I put the case on my phone, I loved it. It is not only sleek to use while texting, but the case is super lightweight. It fits in my smaller purses and allows me to text and do things on my phone 100 times faster. Not only that, but now when I have to carry my phone, I don’t have to worry about how heavy it is. I got my last phone case from a different company and it had a popsocket on the back, making it so heavy compared to this one.

And this case is super cute. I get compliments on my phone case now. I can’t wait to get another phone case soon.

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