La La Land

So I just saw the La La Land trailer the other day on Facebook and I have to say it looks like one of the best movies of the year! I can’t wait to go and see this movie, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling pair perfect on the big screen.

I’ve been a Gosling fan since Remember the Titians and an even bigger fan after the Notebook. I love Emma Stone and how down to earth she really is too!
I love the dance, romance, and the style of this movie I can’t wait to see the entire movie! Comment below and let me know if you’ve seen this movie yet?! I can’t wait!

New Years Eve Makeup Tutorial

Looking for the perfect New Years Eve makeup look? Look no further! I came across this video on youtube when I was browsing to see which look I wanted for New Years. As you know, this year for New Years it’s all about SPARKLES and what better way to let your sparkle shine than with a fun makeup look!

I know sparkles aren’t always comfortable, but for the night this look is gorgeous to give your outfit a ‘pop.’ Watch the tutorial and let me know what you think of this fun look!
In the tutorial above you will see the two looks, I can’t decide on a favorite which is yours?
So get excited for New Years and look no further for a fun makeup tutorial!

Ombre Sparkle for New Years

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE EVE! It’s almost 2017 and that means our last nail design of 2016 has to be SPARKLES!
I have to say if you haven’t tried the nude polish trend you definitely need too. Depending on your taste you can go as light or dark on the nude color palette as you like. I prefer a nude that is a little darker because I like to see a little touch of color.
For New Years I’m doing to do the nude basecoat and then add sparkle on the nails towards the back and do an ombre sparkle. I simply┬álove this look for New Years. It’s simple but also adds a fun sparkle touch that I love.
Why not add some sparkle to your look for New Years?! What trend are you wearing for New Years? Do you love the nude and glitter trend?

Log Out. Shut Down. Do Yoga.

Today I had another sunset yoga session and I just love yoga and the outdoors. It wasn’t too chilly out and the clear skies really give you a peaceful mindset.
I wore one of my favorite yoga outfits from Brazil Wear and I have to say I love the cutout design the best because it gives the look a fun twist. I love the mix of colors, even though it might be winter, who says you can’t wear pink?!
I love doing this yoga pose against the trees. It really gives you a nature feel. If you haven’t tried yoga it really does let you escape. You can focus on the outdoors and peacefulness it brings.
What’s your favorite yoga pose? Do you like the new yoga pant trend?

Frosty the Snowman Nails

It’s the Holiday Season and that means it’s time to pull out all the stops on your nail art. This ‘Frosty the Snowman Nail’ design is perfect and I love how simple, yet trendy it is. This nail design is perfect for this holiday season because it will go with any holiday color you have: green or red.
It adds a touch of sparkle to your look and it’s so cute! I can’t wait to give this nail design a try tonight! I love the snow on the tips of the nails too!
Comment below, what do YOU think of this nail design?! What holiday nail designs are you loving?!

Rogue One

Star War fans are you ready for yet another Star Wars movie. Granted this movie doesn’t have the original cast and definitely doesn’t pick up where the previous one left off. But how can you not love a Star Wars movie. Let’s hope this movie lives up to the high expectations of the franchise!

Above is the official trailer, so if you haven’t watched it and only read about it, watch it and tell me if you’re excited about.
The cast looks amazing in this one so I for one can’t wait to watch the midnight premiere tonight!
Are you a Star Wars fan?!