Waterfall Braid for Summer

I’ve been looking for the perfect hairstyle to wear at the beach. If your like me in the summer you hate having your hair in your face especially at the beach when it’s so hot out.

I discovered the waterfall braid and how I can easily do it in the front of my hair to pull back those strands. I put the rest of my hair in a simple ponytail and I love the look for the beach! After the beach or a day out in the sun you can simply take the ponytail part down and your instantly trendy for summer!

What do you think of the waterfall braid for summertime?!

Hot Pink Summer Nails

I decided to start my weekend off on the bright side with this hot pink nail lacquer and tribal design. I was browsing through my pinterest nail board and decided to combine a combination of tribal designs and summer fun polka dots.
I have to say the hot pink color is my favorite for summer! It’s by Aurora and has a gel effect that makes the color brighter and the polish last longer. I’ve had this design on my nails for almost a week and it’s been chip free which of course we all love to know!
I would definitely recommend checking out the polish brand I know I can’t wait to get more!
So what do you think of my nail designs I did?! COMMENT below and let me know!

LOVE or LEAVE My Summertime outfit

It’s officially less than a week until summer ‘officially’ starts but I couldn’t help but jumpstart my outfit. I just got this oversized floral print dress and decided to pair it with a white blazer so I could wear it to work.
I have to say my favorite part of this dress has to be the bold blue color contrast! It goes perfect with sandals (which I wear to work) or I pair it with wedges for a night out. I love this dress because of how it fits and how it’s the perfect length to pair with a ‘boyfriend’ style blazer.
I got my sandals from DSW and they are so comfortable I love them! I love how they make my dress have a trendy edge! I didn’t do to many accessories with this look. I let the dress do the statement making!
SO comment below! LOVE or LEAVE my outfit of the day?!?!