To Try or Not to Try: Water Marble Nail Art

So I’m sure you’ve been the water marble nail art everywhere! I’ve seen it on my Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook, so of course I had to share this trend to see what you guys thought!

I saw this tutorial below and I have to admit she makes it look easy! The colors are gorgeous and I love how the nail design comes out when you lift your nail out of the water! I don’t know what colors to pick for the design. I love the second design with the flower, but maybe I should start with the swirls? What are your thoughts?!
COMMENT BELOW your thoughts on water marble nail art! Have you tried it yet?

Hello, Spring

I finally got a chance to wear this ‘Hello, Spring’ Outfit yesterday, which ended up paring perfectly with my new white blazer! I have to say I love the white blazer trend for spring. I’m wearing it again today because it pairs perfect over spring dresses and give it a nice sophisticated touch!
I also got a chance to wear my new Aldo sandals I got on sale at DSW, which are so comfortable! They’re a rose gold sparkle and are so comfortable for spring! They go with all my outfits! I can even wear them out because the color and sparkle add that little extra formal to your look!

Take the Road Less Traveled…

So today I took a long stroll outside and headed home when it reached sunset. It gave me time to clear my head and just enjoy finally a nice sunny day. I could hear the birds chirp and sound of my own thoughts.
As I walked back, my shoes in my hand, because let’s admit high heels aren’t always the most comfortable thing to wear, especially on a walk… 😉
I started to think that you don’t always have to follow the path that ‘you’ think is right. Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled because admit it, it can be right for you. That’s what I realized today as I walked back.
What are your thoughts? Agree? Take the Road Less Traveled?

Leapin’ Into Leap Day!

Today is Leap Day and what better way to ‘Leap into’ the Leap Year than with a fun moment in yoga class! 🙂
The weather was perfect today and I couldn’t wait to celebrate leap day that only comes around every 4 years today. I decided to just take a ‘leap of faith’ in to the year and see what life has in store for me. I can’t wait to see what the year brings.
So close your eyes and jump or ‘leap’ and let’s get started into leap year!