Breaking Legs Trailer

The latest movie I have watched that I’m reviewing is called Breaking Legs. This movie is for the tween to teen audience and is a dance centered movie.

The movie itself focuses on Bloom played by Liv Southard, and her moving to a new town and living with her Uncle and Grandma. She auditions for her school dance team, and even though she is the best she isn’t allowed on the team because of the captain, Harmony played by Alexa Sutherland. Harmony is jealous of the newfound Liv, who exceeds in dance and catches the attention the guy Harmony has a crush on played by William Leon.
The movie has a lot of subplots to cover throughout, but overall the message of the movie is to never give up, no matter what. The movie was enjoyable to watch and targets the tween audience really well. If you are a fan of dance movies, add this to your list to watch! The choreography and dancing in the movie did not disappoint, which for me is always a huge plus!
The official trailer is above! CLICK to WATCH. Comment what you think of the trailer!
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae, Editor

The Ballerina Shaped Nails

So as you know I love nails. I am always paying attention to the latest celebrity nail trend and I love nail art! And you know I love pinterest inspired nails!
Well I’m sure you’ve seen the Kardashian nails as well as other celebrities rocking a new shaped nail! I’ve been searching for what it is known for and it’s called the Ballerina Shaped Nail or the Coffin nail design.

It’s a mix between the almond nail shape and the square nail shape. I’m thinking of trying this new nail shape but I’m a little hesitant as you have to keep them long to achieve this nail shape. I love acrylic nails but when they are long, I can’t do a lot of my day-to-day actives because I’m very active.
I know a lot of you guys have written in and I too was curious how to shape the nail for this design. Luckily I came across one of my favorite nail artists on Youtube and she did an amazing video on how to achieve this look.
Comment below! What do YOU think of this nail trend?! Have YOU TRIED it? Should I give it a try?!

To Try or Not to Try: Water Marble Nail Art

So I’m sure you’ve been the water marble nail art everywhere! I’ve seen it on my Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook, so of course I had to share this trend to see what you guys thought!

I saw this tutorial below and I have to admit she makes it look easy! The colors are gorgeous and I love how the nail design comes out when you lift your nail out of the water! I don’t know what colors to pick for the design. I love the second design with the flower, but maybe I should start with the swirls? What are your thoughts?!
COMMENT BELOW your thoughts on water marble nail art! Have you tried it yet?

Easter Nail Art Idea

Okay so I’ve been searching for some amazing Easter nail designs to share and I found an amazing tutorial! I definitely want to give this tutorial a try for Easter/Spring!
The designs don’t actually too complicated…. I mean at first it does but once you watch the tutorial and actually do it step-by-step it was simple to try!
So I think I’m definitely in favorite of this Easter Nail Art Idea… WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?!

Should I give this tutorial a try and see how it turns out?! How are you going to do your nails?!

Beach Waves for Spring

Spring is here and that means bringing out the beach wave look!
I’ve been searching for a good Youtube video to show how to achieve that beach wave look.

It’s hard for me at least to keep my hair exactly curly. My hair is straight no matter what. That’s when I decided to start going for the ‘beach waves.’ It requires some curl but mostly just the illusion of curls. The beach waves also is a lot easier to maintain for the whole day because even if you hair does go a little straight it still has the overall ‘wavy’ look.
The key when you begin the beach look is do divide you hair in sections I think too!
Comment below if you love the beach waves and if you rock it ever! Hope you love the tutorial I picked as well to feature!

Valentine’s Day Picks!

Hey Guys!
So many of you have been writing in asking me what I’m wearing for Valentine’s Day and I can’t decide! I posted a video (my first-ever) on my Youtube channel! Watch it and comment which pick I should wear!

I can’t decide! I love the pink dress with the denim jacket!
I also can’t get enough of the red dress or the solid white with pink accessories!
Watch my video to see to where I got all my accessories and how I paired each dress! By the way the dresses were all on sale I got and the accessories were all under $10!
Which should I pick for Valentine’s Day?!