Log Out. Shut Down. Do Yoga.

Today I had another sunset yoga session and I just love yoga and the outdoors. It wasn’t too chilly out and the clear skies really give you a peaceful mindset.
I wore one of my favorite yoga outfits from Brazil Wear and I have to say I love the cutout design the best because it gives the look a fun twist. I love the mix of colors, even though it might be winter, who says you can’t wear pink?!
I love doing this yoga pose against the trees. It really gives you a nature feel. If you haven’t tried yoga it really does let you escape. You can focus on the outdoors and peacefulness it brings.
What’s your favorite yoga pose? Do you like the new yoga pant trend?

First Fitness Run Since…

As all of you already know I had a major operation on my ear about nine weeks ago. I haven’t been able to fully workout like I used to since my surgery. Especially since I love running, but it’s high impact on my ear. This week was the first run I did in nine weeks. I admit I was nervous I didn’t want to hurt my ear since the surgery and was a little scared running would hurt it. But it didn’t.
Granted I didn’t run like I usually do. I just a slow jog to get back into it and I was surprisingly not too bad. I was sore the next day, but my ear didn’t hurt which I was relieved about.
Now that winter is coming the outdoor runs might not be something I can always do, but it was a nice change to do!

Sometimes this is all you need…

Someday’s a moment of silence is all you need. A moment to stop and think about your day and just be able to reflect makes the world of difference.
For me that’s always when I’m doing yoga. I love doing yoga outdoors and hearing pure nature and just having a moment to myself to just to keep calm for the day. I just got this new yoga outfit from Brazil Wear and I couldn’t wait to wear it today. The yoga pant design is from their new line and the new fit is amazing! It’s so soft and isn’t constricting at all which makes yoga 10 times easier! 🙂 The top I got paired perfect with the yoga pants because I wear my yoga pants a little higher. It was so comfortable and I loved the open-back design of it too!
Where’s your favorite yoga spot? I think I just found mine! 😉

Find Your Balance, Sunset Yoga Session

There’s nothing like a peaceful moment in your day. Whether it’s right when you wake up with your morning coffee in hand or when your out taking a walk.
For me it’s that peaceful yoga moment when I can take in the outdoors and just enjoy a peaceful moment. When I do yoga, especially sunset yoga it’s a time to just unwind and get away from the world.
You get to escape from the everyday duties your constantly thinking about and have a peaceful moment to yourself.
It gives you a chance to find your balance or in my case clear my thoughts and literally find my balance and change my focus to other things. I get to escape the worries or stresses in the day and just enjoy the outdoors.
I wore my new Brazil Wear yoga outfit and I lOVE the leggings. They are lightweight and I LOVE the mesh design!

What do YOU think of yoga?! Does it give you a quiet moment to just escape?

Yoga Mood

It’s Sunday so it’s time to take a moment just to yourself have just silence.
Some days I love doing yoga for a half hour and just having silence outside and just enjoy listening to nature while I do yoga. It relaxes me and lets me refocus my energy instead of trying to do a million things at once.
At first I had a hard time doing the yoga poses, but as I’ve gotten the hang on it I’ve had an easy time to focus my ‘zen’ energy!
I absolutely love doing yoga in my Brazil Wear outfits. It’s the only place I get my yoga wear because it’s affordable and it’s comfortable. I love all the latest patterns and I love how I can also just put an oversized shirt over it when I go to run errands and still look trendy.
Their yoga wear fits true to size, which I love because I’m definitely not a fan of brands that either fit way to small or way to big. Just enjoy being the size you are is my motto!
So I would definitely recommend checking-out http://www.BrazilWear.com you can even use my PROMO CODE  HeyitsCarlyRae at check-out to save more off your purchase!
I can’t wait until you see my next Brazil Wear outfit! What do you think of this one?
Do your enjoy doing yoga in your day?

Hold the World Within the Palm of Your Hand…

When you hold the world in the palm of your hand… that’s what I titled this yoga pose I did in my sunset yoga class.
It’s almost summer and I know everyone is joining and trying every fitness plan in the book to get in bikini ready shape. But the point of fitness, in my opinion, is to enjoy what you do. Try different exercises everyday, or different yoga poses. I think it’s best when you mix it up and try something new.
You muscles have muscle memory and doing the same workout everyday gets boring and it starts to lose the same effect on your body. I’ve tried doing different yoga poses lately and I’ve noticed I’ve now been sore. Before doing the same ones every single day I started to lose that soreness and results.
So I’d recommend doing different yoga poses throughout the week and then repeating that!
What’s your favorite fitness activity?!