Healthy Dividends: Investments in Nutrition, Movement, and Healthy Habits that Pay Off by Tricia Silverman The Stunning Debut Book by Nutrition and Wellness Expert TRICIA SILVERMAN 2016 SCW BOSTON FITNESS IDOL Want to lose weight, gain energy, increase productivity, and live a longer, healthier life? As an expert in nutrition,Continue Reading

As many of you know, I love to workout. But what many of you may not realize and what I didn’t for a long time is what you drink afterward is as important as fitting in a workout! I decided to try Ten Spring Water one day when I wasContinue Reading

After posting just how easy it is to make a Flat Tummy shake, I got so many readers writing in asking me questions. Everyone wanted to know if the program works and if it is worth the investment. Honestly, the answer for me personally is YES! Flat Tummy shakes getContinue Reading

Recently, I got asked to pair with Flat Tummy. A company that provides meal replacement shakes designed by women FOR women – they help you move lbs and kick cravings. The items range from shakes to teas to even lollipops! You can purchase their items individually or as a bundle. What I tried (andContinue Reading

So a lot of you guys know I love fitness. I love my yoga sunset sessions and I love cardio. I usually run or the elliptical three times a week alternating between the two. I’ve adding Body Boss into my routine on the days I don’t do cardio and IContinue Reading