Last Summer Sunset

Today is the last day of summer!! Today also was the first day I got ready for a night out since my surgery! I decided to wear my new BCBG outfit that I got on a mega clearance sale!! I got this entire outfit regular: $350 for $50! It was amazing!!!!
For the night out I decided to pair my favorite booties that I got a few years ago and are so comfortable I could wear them everyday! It was a mix of fall/summer outfit of the day! The skirt is actually a skort that was so comfortable! I’m definitely having an outfit repeat in the new few days! 😉
The sunset was gorgeous tonight and I loved it because after the sunset it wasn’t too hot out it was perfect for a night walk.
How did you spend your last day of summer?!
COMMENT what YOU think of my outfit?!?!?

It’s Official… I joined the Midi Trend!

So I finally decided to join in on the ‘midi’ trend that everyone has been blogging about and so many people have been talking about! I came across this dress on Original Piece Boutique online and I knew I had to have it for fall! I love how soft the material is the oversized fit is perfect for the boho vibe I was going for, for fall fashion!

Just got it from:
Just got it from:

I decided to pair it with these fun fringe booties because of the overall look I was going for… what do you guys think of the booties with it… be honest? Yes or no?
Let me know too what you think of the midi trend? It’s not a maxi, but it’s definitely not a mini! 😉

100 Coats of Nail Polish Review

So I’m sure you’ve seen this video on instagram or Facebook. I think I’ve watched it like 10 times over and over just looking at 100 coats of nail polish actually look like.
We’ll my first thought was, why didn’t I think to try this and do a video! But as I watched the video I really don’t know how you could try that on all your nails. I couldn’t imagine how it actually feels on your nails.

I found this video and it’s the original Youtuber that started the ‘100 coats of polish.’ Now I think every nail fanatic has tried this and done a video, but the original one shows you just how long it actually takes doing it. Because let’s face it a 100 coats of polish just don’t magically dry as fast a 10 second instagram video!

What do you think of the 100 coats of polish?! Would you ever give this a try?! Watch the video above!

My Secret Garden

I love summer days spent outdoors, especially outside in my garden. I based it around the ‘fairy’ theme with fairy accents and a pathway. I love flowers and I love spring and summer because I think you can never have too many flowers growing!
The tricky part is to keep them as fresh as you see them in photos!
but today I just spent the day strolling in the garden with my new sundress that is so comfortable I want to wear it everyday! It has pockets too, which I love and the mix of colors are perfect for springtime!
Sometimes it gets chilly at night so I added my simple pearl beaded cardigan to the look to give it a more conservative twist!
What do you think of this look?! LOVE or LEAVE it?!

Big City Dreamin’ Outfit

I have to say I love the country lifestyle but I can’t help but love the cityscapes of the city. I absolutely love the tall buildings and the background of the water. It was beautiful and the sunshine was perfect for my day spent downtown.
I wore my favorite sundress accented with the front ruffle from Original Piece Boutique and paired it with my lightweight sweater that was nautical inspired to go with the nautical downtown vibes.
I paired it with my favorite Aldo sandals that I literally have worn so much they have holes in them. I got them from DSW and they are so comfortable I could walk for hours in them! I need to go back and get another pair!
Tell me what you think of my ‘Big City Dreamin’ Outfit?!

Spring Fling Nails

It’s Spring and that means it’s time to start your spring nail designs!
I just did this ‘Spring Fling’ nail design last night and I love how the flowers look! It was actually a really simple design! All you need if a toothpick or a nail pen to create the ‘dotted’ look.
I picked fun bright spring colors to do three different flowers but you can do as many or as little as one color for the nails design!
For my Topcoat I did my favorite ‘Northern Lights’ that added an extra shimmer to the look! I love the topcoat because it creates a simple shine and allows my design to stay on for 7 days! I picked my Essie polish too because it always stays on for my nail designs!

So what do you think of my new nails? How’d I do for my ‘Spring Fling Nail Designs?’