Dutch Girl Braid

So a fun fact is I love braids. I love any kind of braid. I search Pinterest and I am always looking for fun braids to try! I know how to French braid my own hair and to fishtail my own hair, but I don’t know how to Dutch braid… yet.

My friend Dutch braided my hair and I have to say I love the Dutch braid style. It’s amazing and I love how it looks with my balayage hair color too! It’s the perfect spring/summer braid and it’s perfect for when I go out or go to work or am on location at a video or photoshoot.
This hairstyle is my new favorite look.
Comment below your favorite braid!
xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae 

Pretty in Plaid Nails

So we aren’t in spring officially so the big question is what trend to do on your nails. It’s February so I wanted to get something done on my nails that is fall/winterish but still has a spring vibe.
I love the oxblood red color because it’s not a bright red but it’s not quite a burgundy color. I decided to get that color and do the plaid accent nails. I decided to get the traditional Burberry inspired plaid on the nails because I’ve never had the traditional plaid before. I love this nail design because it’s perfect for this time of year. It goes with all my ‘transition’ outfits and is the perfect nail design to take from day to night.
I absolutely love this nail design and I am so glad I got this design on my nails. Comment BELOW and let me know what YOU think of this nail design?! Have you join the PLAID CLUB?!

xoxo HeyitsCarlyRae

Nail Designs that Fit your Nail Shape

So if you’re like me than you fall in love with all these nail design on Pinterest or Instagram, but the fact is they don’t actually fit your nail shape when you try to replicate the look. I don’t have acrylic nails so my nails are smaller than others that do have acrylic nails. Usually I have to tweak the design to fit my nails to make it look how it looks in the tutorial.

I came across this tutorial above when I browsing Youtube one of my favorite channels. This tutorial is amazing because you can actually see the nail designs on natural nails and they are so easy to fit any nail shape!
What design is your favorite from the video?!
Comment below and let me know!

Holographic Nails

So let’s just talk about the HOTTEST nail trend there is right now.. holographic nails!
I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what is holographic?! Well basically your nails will look like the back of a CD or in my words ‘Zenon’ earrings ;)… a reference to all of us 90’s fans!

The picture above is one I loved off WeHeartIt
The picture above is one I loved off WeHeartIt

The holographic trend is so easy! You simply get a holographic nail polish at the drug store or I got mine from Amazon for only $8! I absolutely love the polish! I’ve had it on for over a week without it chipping too!
Definitely check out the holographic nail trend! It’s so easy to join you won’t want to miss it! 🙂

What do you think of the holographic nail trend?!

‘Life is one big fαи¢у dress ραяту!’

Okay so definitely not a conventional ‘Dear Diary’ title entry, but I absolutely love this quote.
You know how some days you feel like dressing up and you have no where to go? Well, that’s how I felt when I decided I needed this dress. I have absolutely no where to go, but I love it so much I had to have it.

Shop The look at: www.ShopOriginalPiece.com
Shop The look at: http://www.ShopOriginalPiece.com

Some days even though you have no where to go, it’s awesome how amazing you feel when do just get dressed up for yourself!
I now know I will have an occasion outfit if I end up having a place to go! 😉
So even if your having a bad day, make an exception on that one piece that might be to fancy for anything and just dress up! Hey, I did and I had so much fun!
Because it’s true… ‘Life is just one big fancy dress party!!!’

Calm Before the Storm

I had the chance to work with Ralphi’s Photography again and I absolutely fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it! This photo was taken at sunset and the effect put on it was something I was so excited to see!
This was taken right before a huge storm too so it definitely was a calm before the storm! I knew I had to share this photo with all of my readers and let you guys tell me what you think!
I wore a new romper I just got from Original Piece Boutique that is the fun nude design with the added white lace accent that the celebrities have been seen wearing. The back laces up and is adjustable to give you the best fit possible!
What do you guys think of this photo and outfit?! Are you loving the sunset ‘Calm Before the Storm Effect?’