First Fitness Run Since…

As all of you already know I had a major operation on my ear about nine weeks ago. I haven’t been able to fully workout like I used to since my surgery. Especially since I love running, but it’s high impact on my ear. This week was the first run I did in nine weeks. I admit I was nervous I didn’t want to hurt my ear since the surgery and was a little scared running would hurt it. But it didn’t.
Granted I didn’t run like I usually do. I just a slow jog to get back into it and I was surprisingly not too bad. I was sore the next day, but my ear didn’t hurt which I was relieved about.
Now that winter is coming the outdoor runs might not be something I can always do, but it was a nice change to do!

Sometimes this is all you need…

Someday’s a moment of silence is all you need. A moment to stop and think about your day and just be able to reflect makes the world of difference.
For me that’s always when I’m doing yoga. I love doing yoga outdoors and hearing pure nature and just having a moment to myself to just to keep calm for the day. I just got this new yoga outfit from Brazil Wear and I couldn’t wait to wear it today. The yoga pant design is from their new line and the new fit is amazing! It’s so soft and isn’t constricting at all which makes yoga 10 times easier! 🙂 The top I got paired perfect with the yoga pants because I wear my yoga pants a little higher. It was so comfortable and I loved the open-back design of it too!
Where’s your favorite yoga spot? I think I just found mine! 😉

The Magic of Ordinary Days…

It’s the magic of ordinary days…
When I took this photo today that is the exact quote that came to my mind. It’s those magical moments that you never thought possible that make you see the magic in everyday we live. It had been raining all day today and I was hoping for just a few rays of sunshine so I could go outdoors and do some stuff.
In the late afternoon the rain had just stopped but the dark clouds were still fuming. I went outside to see where the storm was headed when I saw a gorgeous rainbow that was so bright it was breathtaking.
I had these new sunflowers that were blooming and that moment of happiness was captured in this photo! It really was a magical moment in a very ordinary day of just lazy dazing around the house.

Do you believe in the magic of ordinary days?

Up, Up, and Away at Disney World

So this past week I got to take a ‘day escape’ and that was to Disney World! I of course wore my Disney themed GKey and got to many compliments on it I lost count!!
I went to the Magic Kingdom first, which is where I took the photo above! I was so excited to take a photo with all the balloons! I don’t know how they carry that many balloons around all day long though!
I wore this short outfit as a theme for Mickey Mouse that ended up going with my Minnie ears from Belle Boutique. With my white Keds that were so comfy for walking OVER 8 MILES!
I have to say though Disney was so hot! There were so many people there and the lines were so long. You couldn’t really get on any lines because of how the wait was on all the rides. Now, for all your readers if you are going to Disney, if you have a FastPass (like me) you now have to register it on an app and then RESERVE a spot for rides! You can’t just go up with your FastPass anymore and get on a ride. You have to make an appointment!!!
So a little fun fact incase any of you didn’t know that, which I didn’t.

Who’s been to Disney?! What’s you favorite part of going?!