So it’s Wednesday and that means it has to be a pink day! 😉 I couldn’t help but include all this week’s ‘Must-Have’ items that I simply can’t go without! I featured this amazing hot pink dress from the Original Piece Boutique online! I couldn’t help myself but wear aContinue Reading

My Tervis Minion is on the move again! 🙂 If you guess where the minion is you could WIN a FREE Minion Tervis cup! I admit I brought my Tervis cup with me throughout my road trip and it was awesome! It was so hot and this minion helped meContinue Reading

I couldn’t help but being a tourist as I’m currently on a road trip and yesterday I was in Tennessee!  I had to take a photo with this vintage train! It was huge and you see the vintage detail on the train, which was absolutely amazing! As some of you knowContinue Reading

Selfies with the Minions! So I just got this Tervis cup last week and couldn’t wait to use it or selfie with it! The minions are so cute, especially on the cup! This Tervis is one of my favorites that I have! The Tervis are amazing for summertime especially rightContinue Reading