Maxi Moments

So this maxi dress had just arrived at Original Piece Boutique when I was coming in-store to shop for looks for our upcoming photoshoot I was planning for Original Piece Magazine.
As soon as I saw this maxi I knew I HAD to try it on!. It comes in two colors and I of course selfied in both of them!

I love the tribal design on this maxi¬†and I love the mix of colors in both of them! I couldn’t decide on a color I love them both. I took a selfie in each color and I need your help on which color I should get! COMMENT below and let me know which color you love best on me.
I love the white because of the pop of neon colors, but the navy is awesome too with it’s darker color tones.
This is going to be my new favorite fashion look! COMMENT BELOW which COLOR! See more on my insta page: HeyitsCarlyRae
-xoxo HeyitsCarlyrae

Calm Before the Storm

I had the chance to work with Ralphi’s Photography again and I absolutely fell in love with this photo as soon as I saw it! This photo was taken at sunset and the effect put on it was something I was so excited to see!
This was taken right before a huge storm too so it definitely was a calm before the storm! I knew I had to share this photo with all of my readers and let you guys tell me what you think!
I wore a new romper I just got from Original Piece Boutique that is the fun nude design with the added white lace accent that the celebrities have been seen wearing. The back laces up and is adjustable to give you the best fit possible!
What do you guys think of this photo and outfit?! Are you loving the sunset ‘Calm Before the Storm Effect?’

Springtime Flintiness Outfit

So it’s springtime and that means it’s time to pull out all your favorite springtime outfits to rock! I just got this new solid white high/low from Original Piece Boutique. It was the last one and I couldn’t refuse getting it especially when I saw it was my size!
It turned out to be a little chilly out the day I decided to wear it so I decided to add a bright color with this hot pink cardigan from Target! It went perfect with my dress, since my dress wasn’t pattern and was a neutral color!
I paired it with my favorite sandals I got from from DSW by Aldo and my instant outfit was ready! I have to say this look is a new spring favorite!
Comment below your thoughts on my new Outfit of the Day!