Cupcake Nails

So I was on Pinterest the other day and found this cute nail design for spring! Cupcake nails! I thought they were so cute! So I couldn’t help but give the tutorial a try!

Yes I did them myself!! What do you think?!
         Yes I did them myself!! What do you think?!

I thought the cupcake nails were perfect with my new spring outfits and I couldn’t help but add a touch of glitter to the nail look to give it a touch of glitter! Because you know I’m a fan of anything that sparkles!

Yes I did the above nail design myself, and I also added a striped nail to give it a little something extra!

What do you think of my Cupcake Nails?! See more on my Instagram: @HeyItsCarlyRae

Diamonds Are A Girls’ Best Friend

Diamonds Are a Girls’ Best Friend

So there is a truth in that statement.
I fell in love with this necklace as soon as I saw it.

I Got the First one from Original Piece in Jacksonville, Fl!
I Got the First one from Original Piece in Jacksonville, Fl!

The colors are gorgeous and give an outfit a touch of color and sparkle, that I always LOVE! In this case I let the accessories do the talking! I got so many compliments on my necklace I lost count!

I know it’s winter so it’s always wear those darker hues. But not this year. This year it’s all about adding those bright bold colors! Which I have to say is my favorite this about winter fashion this year!

I added the necklace to my black and white outfit to add a pop of color. I love this necklace because it has that vintage royal cut that is gorgeous with almost anything. It’s chunky and looks heavy, but it’s not! I wore it all day and it didn’t bother me once.

I was the first to get it in line at the boutique-chain store called Original Piece!

Do you wear statement necklaces?! I admit now I’m hooked on this trend!

Live. Laugh. Love. Outfit.

Live. Laugh. Love. Outfit.

Yes, I’m ready for fall! I’m kinda obsessed with my latest ‘Outfit of the Day.’ I LOVE the vibrant red hue of the dress, which I admit at first I thought I wouldn’t like the color on me.

Check-out More:
Check-out More:

The added pockets makes it a new fashion staple in my closet. The trendy elbow detail has a gold glitter hue when the sun hits it, which I LOVE!

Remember my motto, every outfit needs a touch of sparkle.

I added black leggings since it’s getting colder and colder and the boots are my favorite too! I pair them with everything! They have a red accent zipper which I love. I only paid $45 for my boots and they look exactly like the Steve Madden Boots that are twice as much!

So where did I get this dress?! I got it from Original Piece! I saw it in their store in Jacksonville, Fl and fell in love and then called and had it shipped since I couldn’t stop thinking about it! Call & Get yours today! (904) 772-5439.

So whatcha think of my new dress! Check-out my instagram to keep with my #OOTD’s as well! Would you rock this dress?!