VIRTUE by John Moot This is a story about reclaiming your life. “Not that anyone stole mine. I just lost who I’d wanted to be.” — From Virtue Virtue explores the vulnerability and randomness of human existence through the lives of Tom and Hannah Holder, each of whom are grapplingContinue Reading

Gordon X Graham

In the year 2002, the economy has taken a sharp downturn, there’s a new report of a sniper attack downtown nearly every day, and Dick Cheney’s first term in office has quickly turned the US into a totalitarian state. Despite all of that, Nina Sullivan has what every new collegeContinue Reading

As Good As Can Be

As Good As Can Be by William A. Glass is out now! Overall, I really enjoyed the authenticity of this novel. Author William A. Glass brought his knowledge of being in the army and interwoven it into a beautiful story that grips you and, at times, tugs at your heartstrings.Continue Reading

The Inn by James Patterson

The Inn by James Patterson Review is here. Candice Fox also co-authors it! This novel centers around Bill Robinson. A former Boston police detective who lost his job due to his partner, Jeremiah Malone’s indiscretion. Fast forward a few years—we find Bill living in Gloucester, Massachusetts, and owner of TheContinue Reading